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How do you wear your Mallory in winter? Under a coat or with a sweater underneath?With just a shirt it's not warm enough, I find.
Anybody going there again and planning on proxying some stuff? Please pm
Has anyone got experience with the Stone fit? It would be interesting to hear how it compares with the Okabilly and the Cisco.   I have a pair of Century Denim 5-S in the Cisco fit. They're a straight leg. The other fits for the Century Denim are TH, which apparently is similar to the Cisco but higher waisted. TH and Cisco both have button flies, while the two slimmer ones: Stone and Okabilly have zippers.
Sure.This guy is wearing the same jacket very well:
No,I've done it.I actually have a pair of the pantaloons with attached suspender buttons in 34 that I would let go.I've soaked them, but they are too big for me.They are like new.
It's made from Indigo dyed wool.I don't think it was ever available through the US site, but in Japan and HongKong.I recently saw a similar one in a shop in NY, but that was a different fabric, I think.
Apparently the sneakers fit really small.
Has anyone tried on the Indigo Baseball jacket? I'm not sure about sizing. I'm between M and L in the shirts mostly. Knitted stuff often fits bigger and stretches.
They had a very nice similar flannel shirt at the shop which I couldn't see on the website. It seems to be a store only one.I can't remember the colours, but that it was darker.
Not true.I used the code one hour after he posted and it worked.But not for long. I tried 45 minutes later and it didn't work.Also, someone had posted it a few days ago. I didn't get it to work then, though. And it only seemed to work on a few items. And it only added like 10% off to the already discounted 30% items.Let's see, if another 'kicker' won't show up soon.
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