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Has anyone veryified whether they're 10.5oz like the site says or still 9.23?
Has anyone come across this scarf? Can't find it anywhere.
On a Japanese reseller site the fabric of these pants is called Candlestick fabric. It looks similar to the fabric of the Boss buckle back pants from last season, which seems to come from Oni. At least very similar to it.
They look great. But don't you find them to warm? I mean walking outside is okay, but I've made the experience when I wear tweed/wool pants in autumn/winter once I get inside where it's heated they become too warm. Or are these of lighter fabric?
  SOLD Thanks for looking
Has anyone got both the new Slim Straights and the Slim fits? I'm asking because I'd like to get clean, slim pair (perhaps the olive ones) but I'm worried about the thighs being too tight. The Slim Straights in 32 fit perfectly as do the Rigid Officer Chinos in 32. With the sizes above 32 the waist will be far too big and I don't want to go through the hassle of having the jeans taken in.
Nice purchase.   Where did you find these?
  Price drop to US$80
Or G-Star?I think they had a model called the Elwood that looked similar.
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