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Yes, that's a great shirt. I agree. I even wore it with a suit and it looked good. Great fit and beautiful fabric.
Some changes I noticed: The Japanese RL online shop has closed. In Europe instead of using cardboard boxes for shipping, the clothes are delivered in these thicker plastic bags.
Does anyone else also have this Striped Cotton-Flax Workshirt?       It's a beautiful shirt: great fabric (50% flax) and has a good cut. What I just found weird is that in the area of the most bottom buttonhole there seems to be some plastic in there. You can hear it, when you press that area. Has anybody else got that?
$135 + shipping
$205 + shipping
EUR 75 + shipping
Drop to $89 + shipping
I think while the rigid officer chinos mostly have sewn on buttons, the Clyde pants often have riveted buttons. And to me the fit is very similar.
How do you wear your Mallory in winter? Under a coat or with a sweater underneath?With just a shirt it's not warm enough, I find.
Anybody going there again and planning on proxying some stuff? Please pm
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