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Does anyone have experience with the recent Indigo Pullover shirt? It feels very rigid and I'm wondering whether it will shrink.
 Hi, I got them in 32 and they fit me very well. Very happy with them. Nice details like raised belt loops. And I also like the Cone denim. It's lighter but that makes them really comfortable. I have stronger thighs and they fit well, not too tight, but slimmish. To me quite a perfect cut. I have the rigid chinos in 32, too, and the low straights in 33 (32 might have been ok, not sure, they're a bit big in the waist, but thighs are already slim). Hope that helps.
SOLD- Thanks for looking
  on ebay now: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Acne-Jeans-Moc-31x32/200970174855 
 Are the Limited Edition Buckle Back jeans made from the same fabric as the slim ones? Or at least feel similar? I think there was a little difference in weight.
 Well, almost same. Yes, it looks similar.But is itIndigo dyed?Discharge printed?Probably not.
  I'm generally wearing a 10 in Red Wings, 10/10.5 in Alden Barrie and I have the 2030 in 10. It fits alright, but a bit tight.  Next time I'd go for a 10.5.
 Yes, they're awesome. But I have to tidy things up a bit. And I realized that I never wear these.Not sure, where they're made. It doesn't say on them. But I had seen similarly tooled leather items by RRL that were made in Italy. I think originally they were 180 or so.
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