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What are your experiences regarding the stretching of the brown waxed flesh leather? It's quite thick, so it probably won't stretch much, right? Different from say standard chromexcel leather, which I found to stretch quite a bit.
And have you seen this Indigo Cotton Sports Coat?How would you compare the two?
Interesting. The Wool Herringbone Sport Coat is described as Navy, but it is a Indigo dyed fabric, right?Looks lovely.I have a similar one from about a year ago, which doesn't  have the herringbone pattern, though. The colour of that looks indigo, too, but there weren't any crocking warning labels.I found recently that a number of companies call some fabrics indigo as a synonym for navy or royal blue, while the fabric isn't really indigo dyed.
Has anyone got any experience with the jackets/blazers(made in Italy)  regarding normal size vs. long size? How tall do you have to be approximately to be able to wear the long ones?
Is yours the 'raw' version? It seems that one has the wool blanket pocket while the recent washed one doesn't.   I have the denim duffle bag, also 'raw' with the blanket wool pocket. I like it very much.
SOLD Thanks for looking.
By the way, I had a look at the Emerson denim/leather shoulder bag. It could have been nice, if it hadn't been washed so hard, in my opinion. I know, some people like it this way. However, like jeans, which they smartly offer in both raw and different washes, I think, they should do the same with these bags and also all other clothes, like the indigo cardigans, some shirts, etc..   Also, it seems there are different versions of this bag. In some pics the little pocket...
The newest iteration is listed as 4.5 oz, so I think it's lighter than last year's. Are you sure, it's the third time? I can't recall, seeing this one before last year's. This is not your normal wabash cotton fabric.
In the movie Our Kind of Traitor Ewan McGregor is sporting a number of nice clothes that reminded me of RRL.  There is a chambray suit, a leather jacket,  an indigo cardigan and a work shirt. Does anyone know more about these items? I couldn't find any info.
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