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It's made from Indigo dyed wool.I don't think it was ever available through the US site, but in Japan and HongKong.I recently saw a similar one in a shop in NY, but that was a different fabric, I think.
Apparently the sneakers fit really small.
Has anyone tried on the Indigo Baseball jacket? I'm not sure about sizing. I'm between M and L in the shirts mostly. Knitted stuff often fits bigger and stretches.
They had a very nice similar flannel shirt at the shop which I couldn't see on the website. It seems to be a store only one.I can't remember the colours, but that it was darker.
Not true.I used the code one hour after he posted and it worked.But not for long. I tried 45 minutes later and it didn't work.Also, someone had posted it a few days ago. I didn't get it to work then, though. And it only seemed to work on a few items. And it only added like 10% off to the already discounted 30% items.Let's see, if another 'kicker' won't show up soon.
I agree. This sounds very interesting.I'm a big fan of the waxed fabrics. Very happy with my Cabourn Filson Workcape Jacket.
Does anyone know what jacket that guy in Spectre opposite of Q in the ski gondola (is that the word in English?) is wearing? It has a nice big collar that looks like shearling. Not sure, if it's Cabourn, but it is a similar style.
Still available.
Drop to 30.
Drop to $150.
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