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Great. Thanks
By the way, if anyone has been looking for it. The A2 in L has been listed again and is available for quite a good price now.
How do the Yuketen Eskimos fit? Say compared to the Main Guides or RW Iron Rangers?
Yes, I think so. So probably my normal size. The  first ones also look quite nice with the leather reinforcements on the pockets. Also unique fabrics. And they don't seem to be too heavily washed. Though one never knows with the pics.
Does anyone know how these fit:     Printed Cotton Frontier Pant and Leadfield Cotton Work Chino  
Interesting. Thanks I think the price of the Everest parka has risen quite a bit in the meantime (article is from 2010) ;-)   The jacket Nigel is wearing looks a bit like Mister Freedom's Deck Jacket (Foul Weather jacket).  
You're welcome.
They're great boots. To me they fit a bit small. While most boots (RedWing GTs, IRs, Yuketen Maine Guide) I have are 10, I got these in 11 and they fit very well. I was thinking of getting 10.5 but was happy that I didn't.  I haven't worn Aldens yet, but think I'll be a 10. So from that 12.5 would be the size for you.
I don't know about the mocs. But with my Maine Guides I found the sole too thick. I pulled it out. It was just glued on. The sole consists of an upper leather and some kind of foam beneath. I cut off the foam which I don't like and just put in the leather sole. This way they got a bit more roomy plus let my foot work and not get 'lazy' on this footbed with the arch. That has worked well with me.
Boots are sold. Thanks for your interest.
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