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Yes, the 1936 one is Cone. The limited one has rivets on the back pockets.
Looks like in 2011 there was only the distressed version.   Fitpice here     Also saw this two back pockets ones with leather reinforcements under the candlestick name.     And this one is also described as being made of Candlestick denim.  
Ah, thanks. They look similar to the AB Elfelts. Did RRL also issue a rigid version?
Thanks for the info.  Interesting, Mitsui is active in so many areas.
And is anyone familiar with the "candle stick" jeans by RRL? Apparently they were made in the same slubby denim as the Boss jeans.
Mitsui? The Sogo Shosha (Trading Company)? Do they also mill denim fabric?   And is the fabric of the newer ones smooth or slubby?
Interesting. I'm wondering where they got the denim from. I find the first one very similar to Oni denim. And fit of the newer one is basically the same as the first one? 
Have you seen them in real life? The denim looks a bit different from the pics. Nice pair, though, definitely.
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For sale is a nearly new pair of Nudie Thin Finn Organic Ecru W32x L34. I've worn these perhaps 10 times. Selling them as they're not seeing any wear.   Looking for US$79 plus shipping. in Germany: US$7 In EU: US$15 To US: $19  
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