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And sold.
For Sale is this beautiful indigo blue Wabash stripe railroad cap from Workers. I'd say it's a size M with the leather strap nearly closed. By opening it one gets another two centimeters (nearly an inch). It's got a nice leather strap and it's a beautiful wabash fabric. Note the little stifel like workers logo on the inside.  I only wore it two times.  I'm looking for EUR 60 plus shipping.
I'm selling my basically like new Filson tan regular suspenders. I've worn them three, foour times.   Looking for EUR 45 plus shipping. Shipping from EU
Hi,  I'm selling my new (only tried on) Rising Sun Machinist Cap in indigo blue  duck in small/medium.   The cap is as would be expected of Rising Sun very well done, has a great shape and nice fabric. But unfortunately it's too small for me.   The cap measures inside 55cm (21.65inches) with the button closed. With the button opened one would get about 2 cm (nearly an inch) more room.    This should be more interesting for someone in Europe . With...
But it also says very clearly on the home page: "Ventile® is not coated or laminated yet the combination of the dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet provide excellent weatherproofing."
Great colours. Like these, too.  
Love those buckle back pants. Great cut and fabric. And selvedge, yess.
I think this season they issued some chinos in the same fabric as the buckle back workpants from last season.
Yes, generally it shoudl be L-52 M-50 and S-48 and accordingly.
I can second that.
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