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  Interesting. Thanks a lot.
  Thanks, guys. I hadn't heard of this last before. Is it limited to Japan?
Can anyone identify this last? It's not the modified, is it?    
The selvedge officer chinos fit me very well in 32. Thighs are ok. I know with the felled seems these are quite easy to take in in the waist.   But what about the deadstock workpants and the denim chinos?     I got both in 34 to accomodate for the tight thighs (both were described as a slimmer fit). The thighs are good, but the waist is too wide. Even with the buckle. I can wear them with a belt but am thinking of having them altered by a...
The vest reminds me of the Rocky Mountain Featherbed one. Beautiful with the leather yoke. Cool to wear on top of a thick wool overshirt or over a jeans jacket.
Is the UK site flash-only now? I can't get the HTML one with the clothing categories on the left anymore. 
Nice purchase. I'm wondering what will be the follow up to the Star shirt? We've had the wabash, the polka dot and currently the Star Iron Ore in the indigo/railway range. Diamonds perhaps?
This is for freeshipping, I think. Anything else?
Definitely not down. TTS or I might have even been able to go up half a size. Talking about the black ones here.
Which Redwings? If GT and/or Iron Rangers, I'd suggest 8.
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