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Yes, I also got that impression. Kind of as if they got a special line made for them. This Tenzing/Mallory looks quite nice though. The fabric is from the mill Mallalieu’s in Delph, England and is supposed to be of a heavy quality. An obvious difference, that I just spotted, is, that it has four buttons, where the Mallory has just three. I had seen the Camo Tenzing but not one in tweed, so I was a bit confused. Thanks also for the heads up on the unusual fit. 
What the difference between the Mallory jacket and the Tenzing (Norgay)? This is called Tenzing but looks like the Mallory. The collar strap seems different. But apart from that, it looks much the same. http://www.manufactum.de/herrenjackett-tenzing-norgay-p1440079/  
    Thanks, guys. Good to know.
Can anyone comment on the fit of one of these jackets? I'm mostly between L and XL. Would like to avoid both too small/tight and the baggy sack look. A2       Tweed Oilcloth Sports Coat     James Cotton jacket         Cotton Herringbone Sport Coat  
Getting back to the Officer's Chinos weight discussion. I now have a pair in 9.23 oz that fits surprisingly well. There is actually enough space in the thighs for me in the 32 pair. Can any of the people who own different pairs comment on whether there is any discernable difference to the 10.5 oz version? tia
That was fast.  Thanks
On this Wolverine pic from his website, which boot is the cap-toe one in the middle? Not the Cordovan, is it? The Rockford?    
This works only on sales items.
Beautiful. Which last are they?
Dankeschön, nixda.
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