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Getting back to the Officer's Chinos weight discussion. I now have a pair in 9.23 oz that fits surprisingly well. There is actually enough space in the thighs for me in the 32 pair. Can any of the people who own different pairs comment on whether there is any discernable difference to the 10.5 oz version? tia
That was fast.  Thanks
On this Wolverine pic from his website, which boot is the cap-toe one in the middle? Not the Cordovan, is it? The Rockford?    
This works only on sales items.
Beautiful. Which last are they?
Dankeschön, nixda.
One more question to the Mallory jacket. The only info I could find on the lining is 100% cotton. While that is definitely so for the body for the sleeves I'm not so sure. Does anyone know which material the sleeves are lined with?
Thank you, Hoit.
Thanks for the heads up. Probably a newbie question, but do these refer to RRL collections or what does it mean?
Agree with this. As is. Keep it minimalistic. Too many boots, but tempted.
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