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But it also says very clearly on the home page: "Ventile® is not coated or laminated yet the combination of the dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet provide excellent weatherproofing."
Great colours. Like these, too.  
Love those buckle back pants. Great cut and fabric. And selvedge, yess.
I think this season they issued some chinos in the same fabric as the buckle back workpants from last season.
Yes, generally it shoudl be L-52 M-50 and S-48 and accordingly.
I can second that.
It's interesting. My TTS is 10.5. I have a pair in 10 of the 1Ks that I had to put an insole in as they were to big. I also got a pair in 9.5 that fits snug but is comfortable. It might also be a matter of foot width.  And I wear relatively thick socks in them.
I've got a 10.5D in the Alden Barrie. I also have the Murdocks (new ones) in 10.5. I find them very difficult to put on and off. Once in, they fit well. 
Brown Johnson Yuketens in a number of size for EUR 279: http://www.conrad-hasselbach-shop.de/Yuketen-Johnson-Brown
I'm not sure if you're referring to the exact number 16 or- as I think- to a higher weight denim: Cone produces 16.5oz denim for Tellason: http://www.tellason.com/shop/tellason-denim/john-graham-mellor-slim-straight-165-oz
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