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Are you referring to the ridig selvedge ones here?
How do you find the breathability of the Macintosh of the Cameraman? I have a Macintosh/Harris tweed one, and while I love the look and especially the tweed I find that I start sweating in the upper area quickly. I would have much preferred had they used Ventile. Or will the Mackintosh somehow change over time and become more breathable? The way it is now it feels to me like some synthetic fabric.
Yep, medium should be 50. I ordered a large from them and it was 52.
Regarding this last I'd recommend your Red Wing size or 0.5 bigger even. They are indeed very narrow in the toe.
Thanks. I sized down.
The Redon coat seems to fit pretty big. I'm normally a L, but the measurements for this seem very large.   Any experiences? Does anyone have the coat in M and can kindly provide measurements (sts, ptp)? Tia
I think - and that is also my experience with the two indigo RRL shirts I own- that most of the RRL indigo items/shirts have been rinsed and thus don't bleed.
Ah, yes. That seems to be the answer. Thanks a lot. The fabric of the one you linked to seems to be the same. Just the collar is different. In the one above it's probably shearling lined.   This RRL one is similar.   Etsy is a good idea. This one was available there.  
I'd guess it's from Pendleton but I couldn't find it anywhere. Or some Japanese version?    
Great. I'm very interested to hear what they're saying on this.
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