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I see. So they fit a bit smaller than the measurements?
  What were your measurements (see first quote) from then? I had thought you had the jacket and it fit. A previous version?
But you're right. There are three colours. Besides the navy and the beige there's also olive. And there seems to be a purple, too.  
Price lowered to 175$.
It looks alright. But since they'll stretch (more in the waist, only a bit in the thighs), it looks like you could wear one size smaller for a more contoured fit. You also seem to still have some space in your thighs. I have a similar problem with a number of jeans, when the waist fits, the thighs are often quite tight. The other problem is that they're a bit too baggy.
I second ordering with Crane's. Friendly, reliable and fair.
 I bought this very nice dufflecoat last year. It's a bit too small for me. I only wore it once. It's basically new. It's just been hanging in my closet.   Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 50cm, 19.7“ Pit to pit: 58cm, 22.8“ Sleeves (shoulder till end of cuff): 65cm, 25.6“ Back length: 84cm, 33.1“   Material: outer: 80% wool, 20% nylon inner: 100% taffeta Made in USA   Looking for 200175150130US$ plus shipping. The original price was...
Cheers Robear.
Thanks for the measurements. Jacket looks very nice. So the cut sounds a bit more modern, i.e. not so boxy and a bit longer than the historically correct ones. I wouldn't mind that since I find the historical ones too short for me. Do you have the shoulder measurements? Chest might just work. And the sleeves sound very short. Is the 24" from the shoulder till the end of the knit cuffs? And if I can bother you with this too. The length from the end of the collar on the...
Any info on the measurements/fit of the A2 yet? I'd need L or XL. tia    
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