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Great colours. Like these, too.  
Love those buckle back pants. Great cut and fabric. And selvedge, yess.
I think this season they issued some chinos in the same fabric as the buckle back workpants from last season.
Yes, generally it shoudl be L-52 M-50 and S-48 and accordingly.
I can second that.
It's interesting. My TTS is 10.5. I have a pair in 10 of the 1Ks that I had to put an insole in as they were to big. I also got a pair in 9.5 that fits snug but is comfortable. It might also be a matter of foot width.  And I wear relatively thick socks in them.
I've got a 10.5D in the Alden Barrie. I also have the Murdocks (new ones) in 10.5. I find them very difficult to put on and off. Once in, they fit well. 
Brown Johnson Yuketens in a number of size for EUR 279: http://www.conrad-hasselbach-shop.de/Yuketen-Johnson-Brown
I'm not sure if you're referring to the exact number 16 or- as I think- to a higher weight denim: Cone produces 16.5oz denim for Tellason: http://www.tellason.com/shop/tellason-denim/john-graham-mellor-slim-straight-165-oz
I'd say the inseam is around 34/35. I've never tried the Straight Leg ones. But the fit is a bit higher rise and rather slim in the legs. The fabric- at least in the ones I have- is made in the US, i.e. Cone.
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