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Brown Johnson Yuketens in a number of size for EUR 279: http://www.conrad-hasselbach-shop.de/Yuketen-Johnson-Brown
I'm not sure if you're referring to the exact number 16 or- as I think- to a higher weight denim: Cone produces 16.5oz denim for Tellason: http://www.tellason.com/shop/tellason-denim/john-graham-mellor-slim-straight-165-oz
I'd say the inseam is around 34/35. I've never tried the Straight Leg ones. But the fit is a bit higher rise and rather slim in the legs. The fabric- at least in the ones I have- is made in the US, i.e. Cone.
There's still a 52 crazy mallory at cultizm for 560 euro or so. Great jacket.
2nd that. I got the denim chinos in 34 to accomodate for the thighs, but far too big in the waist and top block. The construction is different from the rigid officer chinos which seem more straightforward to modify. 
Thanks for your reply and tip of the Bickmore Gard. I wasn't aware of it. I mainly got that idea since the roughout service boots (Boondockers) worn in the war were nearly always dubbed and some members have done so with good results. But I couldn't remember anyone doing it with the Alden 'service boots'.
Thanks for your reply. But the spray contains silicone, I guess, which I try to avoid. Thus looking to some beeswax based protection. But that will obviously change the appearance of the suede. I know that it looks pretty good with roughout but not sure about the suede.
Has anyone ever dubbed (treated with something like Obenauf LP or Hubberds) his snuff suede boots?   I've often heard of people doing that with their roughout Iron Rangers or Boondockers. And seen pics of the results that look very good. The snuff suede seems to be a finer leather, though. So I'm not sure how that would work.  They still look close to Service boots, so perhaps why not?   
  Interesting. Thanks a lot.
  Thanks, guys. I hadn't heard of this last before. Is it limited to Japan?
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