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The standard advice for the Barrie last is to size down half a size. What if the boots are made of Shell Cordovan? With its less stretchy and probably thicker nature would going for the same size (i.e. not -0.5) work? thanks in advance
Thanks for the info, zissou, on the jacket. Do you find the Donegal wool rather warm?   Yes, the fabric of the 1915 is pretty light weight. After soaking it's probably more like 10 or 11, though. I find it similar to the first MF Californians, which only came in one fabric.
Even for XL it says 16 inch shoulders. Even my tight jacket has 17.7. Do you think they might have 'undermeasured' here?   By the way, I remember your being interested in the 1915 Levis. Could you locate a pair? I was wearing mine the last few days and kind 'rediscovered' how nice they are. Nice cut, not too slim, not too wide, not too high rise, neither too low. Nice details like the different pocket stitchings and a special denim.
Yes, looks very nice. i like this one, but the shoulders seem supernarrow, even on the XL http://www.mrporter.com/product/321527
Lowered to $150.
It's annoying that they didn't make the boots as agreed upon. But like the others say, I think it looks alright. Especially once you put laces in. I'm sure the contrast between the tongue and the boot won't be so big then if you do that. Perhaps they can make up for it by paying back some amount.
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Selling a camel duffle coat in XL, like new: http://www.styleforum.net/t/322932/for-sale-3sixteen-camel-dufflecoat-xl#post_5900011
I see. So they fit a bit smaller than the measurements?
  What were your measurements (see first quote) from then? I had thought you had the jacket and it fit. A previous version?
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