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I'm selling here some basically as new braces by RRL.   I've worn them three times or so. I have too many others and since these are not seeing any wear they are too nice to just stay in the drawer. I'm looking for US$90 plus shipping (actual cost in Germany around EUR5/US$6.5, EU around EUR 12/US$15, to US around EUR15/US$20).   They're non-distressed. Only on the metal fasteners is a bit of rust. When wearing them the RRL logo will be down, i.e. not...
Does anyone have experience with the recent Indigo Pullover shirt? It feels very rigid and I'm wondering whether it will shrink.
 Hi, I got them in 32 and they fit me very well. Very happy with them. Nice details like raised belt loops. And I also like the Cone denim. It's lighter but that makes them really comfortable. I have stronger thighs and they fit well, not too tight, but slimmish. To me quite a perfect cut. I have the rigid chinos in 32, too, and the low straights in 33 (32 might have been ok, not sure, they're a bit big in the waist, but thighs are already slim). Hope that helps.
SOLD- Thanks for looking
  on ebay now: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Acne-Jeans-Moc-31x32/200970174855 
 Are the Limited Edition Buckle Back jeans made from the same fabric as the slim ones? Or at least feel similar? I think there was a little difference in weight.
 Well, almost same. Yes, it looks similar.But is itIndigo dyed?Discharge printed?Probably not.
  I'm generally wearing a 10 in Red Wings, 10/10.5 in Alden Barrie and I have the 2030 in 10. It fits alright, but a bit tight.  Next time I'd go for a 10.5.
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