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Looks good. I think, it will settle over time.I've tried an EMLC A2 before. While I normally wear a 42 in nearly everything their 42 was too small for me. I would have needed a 44.
I think, one has closed. There is only the one in Mitte left.
THanks for the feedback. Suede tends to stretch quite a bit. But Yuketen uses thick flesh out/rough out leather, so like you says it proabably won't stretch much. Pity, that many retailer don't carry half sizes.
Does anyone know if the Maine Guide 6 Eye Boots in the golden brown Flesh out leather will stretch quite a bit? They're very tight right now. Width will be ok, but length seems to be not enough. With these one should go true to size, it seems.
For sale is a Rising Sun Cone Indigo Duck Vest in L. Worn about five times. No fading, except fo a tiny bit on the lower part of the arm holes.   This is the classic Rising Sun vest made from Cone Indigo Duck with the selvage on the front, inside back seam and on the back cinch. The inside of the front is lined with a chambray fabric.   The current version at Rising Sun costs $325.   Measurements: shoulder to shoulder- 35cm pit to pit- 55 cm back length- 65...
Lowering price to EUR 700 + shipping.
SOLD Thanks for looking.
Give it to a cobbler to get it stretched. I've had something similar on just one boot. After the stretching it was fine.
I wasn't aware that in the early years of RRL, some items were manufactured in Japan. I saw this on ebay:   Perhaps it was only the Limited Edition items?
Trucker grizzly :-)
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