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Thanks. Good to know.
Hi, I have a size question regarding the new Narrow Slim jeans. I normally wear 32 in RRL pants (Clyde, Chino, etc.). The Slims I can only wear in 33.  Do you think Narrow Slims would work in 33 or do I need to size up to 34?
Did anyone buy these ticking stripe pants or try them? I saw them a few months ago at the RRL shop in NY, but didn't have time to try them on.  They seemed cut like the Clyde pants. Are they still available in the sale? They weren't sold online as far as I know.
SOLD. Thanks
Price drop to EUR 375.
How do you like the jacket, in rugged or non-rugged state?The Mallory with the ventile patches looks more unformal perhaps. Though this is also nicely in between an outdoor and more formal jacket. A 52 would fit me very well, but is not available. I might be able to wear a shrunk 54, but not sure if it will work out.I tried on the long 50 and 52 but they're too  long and the 50 is too small, too. For anyone interested, this jacket is on sale at manufactum.
A few people have shared their experience.But I can't remember anyone mentioning the lining. It would probably bunch a bit, but I can't imagine too much.Apparently a soak will result in a reduction of about half a size.Here's some info: http://www.greyfoxblog.com/2012/05/dry-cleaning-tweed-jackets-try-hand.html
Good point. Thanks for that advice.
Has anybody got experience with washing this grey peak lapel jacket to achieve the rugged look but also to shrink it? I'm especially interested in shrinkage in overall and sleeve length compared to shoulder and chest measurements.
I meant the olive rigid officers selvedge chinos.I wasn't aware of those. Only of the dark brown ones (I think the current Clyde version) and the khaki rigid chinos (seems to be a thicker fabric again).By the way, in the shop I had seen some nice black/oat ticking stripe pants. They don't seem to be online. Anyone has bought them yet?
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