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ETA of tan shell cordovan GMTO boot on Friday. The boots are already coming to my dreams.
Same. These would be awesome.
I rattled some cages as the Spaniards are too good for my Euros. That's all. Seeing how it is, I feel it was a fair stereotypical point of view. But nuff of that... I get to keep my money and they lose what was coming for them. A pawn in the game that's all I am.
What is the exact "rule"? How many orders do we need so that we can have some of them in narrow?
Steve said Carmina won't make a single narrow Rain so unless more peeps want the narrow, I'm out 😕
Maybe more loose because they are suede and give in more? I will immediately call bad construction if the same shoe in the same last is considerably different. With monks and boots there may be differences. For example my meermin monks have their tongue a whopping 2 cm more towards the toes compared to oxfords in the same last. Alto in this case it is shitty construction as the difference is too big...
I MAY be in on the Jodhpur, but will need about a week to decide. I want to see how the Rain last fits and I'll know that in a week when the shell cordovan boot MTO arrives from Carmina.   I take it I can take this MTO in narrow Rain?   And can someone post ACCURATE photos of the antique marron and brown museum calf side by side?
Lol Linkson Jack. I will punch this fucker in the face should I ever meet him.
So? Steve is an entrepreneur :) 
2 eyelet snuff suede chukka in the Rain last (narrow Rain for me). Lining TBA and Dainite sole. Will compromise on the eyelets if that is a deal breaker for someone.   Who's in??
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