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^ because despite its flaws Luxire is still the best bang for the buck.   V just get a virtual Visa and some clown Hotmail email address and order all your shit to a Poste Restante. Problem solved.
One more photo of the GMTO cap toe shell boots from my shining session. I absolutely love these. So freakin comfortable. I have a pair of Meermin Olfe boots and these are completely on a different level. The Rain narrow is a fantastic last!   Thanks again Steve. You can count on me shopping at GFW in the future too.  
^ they become "ugly" from "scars" over time, yet are easier to maintain and clean.
I've used an antiseptic to remove a black burnishing flaw on my Carmina tan (or medium brown) shell cordovans. Any reason why I shouldn't use Saphir Medaille D'or creme to re-polish the area as naturally the brown of the shoe has been eaten away slightly? There's been talk that turpentine is bad for shell. But if Renovateur is used to polish shell shoes as well, why couldn't I use a Saphir Medaille D'or creme on the shoes tool?
Thanks man.
Insane GMTO toe cap shell cordovan boots just arrived. The 8 month wait is over. These are pimp! Only two details errors: Some black smudge on the toe so this is a dyeing error. Also no speed hooks.   But those are nuances.   My boots are Rain, narrow, UK 12.5. For those out there interested in narrow lasts, the Rain narrow fits just like the Simpson. BUT I can only speak for boots.   Thanks Steve!!              
ETA of tan shell cordovan GMTO boot on Friday. The boots are already coming to my dreams.
Same. These would be awesome.
I rattled some cages as the Spaniards are too good for my Euros. That's all. Seeing how it is, I feel it was a fair stereotypical point of view. But nuff of that... I get to keep my money and they lose what was coming for them. A pawn in the game that's all I am.
What is the exact "rule"? How many orders do we need so that we can have some of them in narrow?
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