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Can Steve arrange suede (and possibly also leather) swatches from Carmina to be shipped with the cordovan boot MTO?
For sale a beautiful pair of Carmina Uetam Loden green strap loafers. Purple lining, size UK 12. This was a GFW group MTO for this summer. After 8 or so wears I still find these half a size too small for me. To my understanding Loden green is only available in MTO so this color should be very hard to find in this size.   Worldwide postage is approx USD 45 on top of sales price. Serious offers will be considered! Trees not included. PayPal only.
^ I'll accept that. I feel at least in the Nordics one can put those on for any job interview. I mean people wear these in the banking industry for crying out loud.  
What do you guys base these opinions on? Seems to me these are just personal hunches.
Vintage Florsheim Imperials in good condition. Soles have quite some miles left in them. If you love the tapping sound the v cleat makes hitting the pavement, then these are definitely for you!   Trees excluded. If you want them, add USD 40. Price is including delivery by standard international post.
Guys thrown in some suggestions for a narrow low instep last for gunboats....
^I've had light grey suede boots and they are an absolute pain to keep clean...
Wait... what belt is that??
I'm sure someone in the US is in a need for for a pair of New Reys if they end up not fitting you. Your size is fairly common so I doubt you need to go through too much trouble to sell them forward.
Well first off if the last of a shoe is good for the foot, then 0.5 size bigger makes no difference at all. A good shoe fits because the last is good and only then because of the "correct" size. A bigger size of 0.5 merely moves the tip of the shoe further away from the end of the toes. Movement of the tongue by some millimeters is insignificant. In New Rey monks the UK 13.5 I have (i.e 0.5 sizes bigger than my normal size of UK 13) doesn't work well without insoles and...
New Posts  All Forums: