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Yes the short wing, thanks. Just wanted to make sure they're on the same last.
How is the fit on these compared to the long wing? They look very nice.
NOS Scotchgrain Longwings by Sears(!). Goodyear welted double calfskin sole and leather insole, a tank. 8D and fits TTS in my opinion. Made in USA. Price is firm and includes priority shipping within the US, contact my for international shipping.
It's possible there was some confusion because of Kimi's radio problems but yes in hind site it was a mistake again. RENAULT engines 1,2,3 is impressive, I wonder if they will still be the leaders with the big changes next year.
Finger boy just experienced Malaysian karma.
A pair of lightly used AE Sanfords in burgundy which have sat in my Dad's closet for quite some time. Shoe trees not included. USPS priority shipping with insurance. Paypal only please.
I see many at my local Rack but always non-iron. They look to be the normal line though.
Very nice, all the way around. Only one problem, they look unworn:-D
No, the '3N' on the frame in the last picture, the N stands for Normal Lens and the 3 is the lens category of dark ( TV 8 / 18%).
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