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What if he's travelling and only brought one suit with him? That happens sometimes.
Hi, I'm a grad/professional student in my 20s who's relatively new to style for age reasons if none other. I wear casual to class, and business casual or sometimes suits to fancier events, depending on what they are, so I'm pretty branched out. I typically just lurk here and do a quick search whenever I'm considering buying something to see what the community thinks.
Nah, I'm pretty sure it is the other way around. You should be confident enough to pull off your personal style.   For the rest, I'll defer to the others in this thread. The advice has been good. I'm with Saturdays on the wacky socks for business casual too.
http://www.monikerwear.com/   Other than a glowing Ask Andy recommendation, there isn't much out there about these guys. (Couldn't even find a thread on here.) Anyone have any experience with these shirts? I might pick one up but would like any feedback before doing so.
New Posts  All Forums: