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  I would say so.    
Ralph Lauren Script Blue Label Bankers Suit - If I remember correctly, Ralph Lauren Script Blue label is the predecessor to Ralph Lauren's Purple Label.   Passed on it, the lapel's made it seem dated and had some moth damage.        
friend of mine has used it a few times. no complaints.
but, you avatar is a HAT....
ah ok, was finding a ton of stuff so I figured I'd gamble!
  This is the Ross Graison SC I passed on. It was NWT from Daffys, some interior pics         [[SPOILER]]     Also saw these old looking Levi's, any info on them? Sorry for the dark pics, half the lights were out in the place   Interior Tag           Had some weird Bell button as the top button   Belt Loops   Leather Patch
Part 2   TIES Galore Battisoni         1st Row: Elaan(I liked it for me), J Press, Zegna x 2 2nd Row: Zegna x 5   Middle: Paul Stuart (Chicago New York Tokyo), RV 1800 Milano (I liked it for me), Polo Handmade, Givenchy Paris (Selection Couture Gentlemen), Santostefano (Harolds Houston)   Bottom Row: Ballys, Coach, Lanvin Paris (Sailboat), Brioni, Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme   Questions, authentication and tie porn     [[SPOILER]]    
Part 1   Everything besides the jeans are available   West is Dead Jeans (Keeping for now)           BELTS Vintage Banana Republic Safari & Trading Co Belt             [[SPOILER]]     No name belt, the buckle is what caught my eye, very supple leather       Linen Shirt/Jacket? Zenga Linen Zip shirt with button cuffs? With MOP Buttons       [[SPOILER]]   REI Backpack     [[SPOILER]]              
Passed on Jimmy Taverniti Birkin 21 Jeans & NWT Ross Graison sport coat (should I have grabbed these?). Also passed on a bunch of brooks bros ties and others (armani, etc.)   I did pick up a bunch of items(Zegna, Brioni, etc), but ill post them up later when I get pics.
  I came across a Golden Fleece(im thinking older) orphan today, scoured the pants rack, but came up with nothing and am now realizing that I never looked through the womens pants....
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