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Wear it, break that bad boy in :)
Woah.. those trousers! i'm not sure if i'm horrified or ecstatic ! they're certainly incredible.
a link to canvas and suit construction   I have recently received a 3 piece from Tweed Addict. They're a small outfit, so communication may sometimes be slow but i've never had a problem yet, quite the opposite. I also have a new commission outstanding with them that should be ready in a few weeks.   I do not know if my 3 piece is fused or not, i've tried the "peel test" but my results were...
Awesome! good use of colour and texture :)
 AIn't that the truth. and the occasional partridge ;)
 Yes, and thankyou, i'm looking forward to wearing it, will post some more pics then.
Have suit from Tweed Addict.  All I can say is now I want another one. !!! Recommend. I believe he is in the process of changing Tailors though, so any new suits will be made by a different outfit, but as I think he went with the new guys because they're seemingly better I doubt that will be an issue.
picked up my new 3 piece commission from Tweed Addict in London. I went for something a little showy this time, something that's not got "country" written all over it. when i find a decent camera i will get some of it being worn. Working cuffs, inner and out linings, half lined trousers, braces buttons and pocket watch hole. Plus a no vent rear on the jacket.Some may say a little contraversial perhaps but that's the point.  [[SPOILER]]
Here is another  
I went to Tweed Addict in London yesterday. Here is one of his promo suit pics.
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