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Awesome! good use of colour and texture :)
 AIn't that the truth. and the occasional partridge ;)
 Yes, and thankyou, i'm looking forward to wearing it, will post some more pics then.
Have suit from Tweed Addict.  All I can say is now I want another one. !!! Recommend. I believe he is in the process of changing Tailors though, so any new suits will be made by a different outfit, but as I think he went with the new guys because they're seemingly better I doubt that will be an issue.
picked up my new 3 piece commission from Tweed Addict in London. I went for something a little showy this time, something that's not got "country" written all over it. when i find a decent camera i will get some of it being worn. Working cuffs, inner and out linings, half lined trousers, braces buttons and pocket watch hole. Plus a no vent rear on the jacket.Some may say a little contraversial perhaps but that's the point.  [[SPOILER]]
Here is another  
I went to Tweed Addict in London yesterday. Here is one of his promo suit pics.
+1What a lovely versatile little norfolk
What excellent timing. Watch this space,i collect my first suit from them tomorrow
 good advice, get some Donegals and Harris swatches too, if only to realise that you probably won't want these style of tweeds as the fabric for your first suit.
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