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not to forget either that Berretta Shotguns are the dogs bollocks for those shoot days in your 3 piece with breeks :)
something a little different on the tweed front - tweed hoody, anyone?
I have adopted the attitude of "make it an occasion" and now it's any excuse to wear something frm the MrSmith stable. On the plus side, people notice you as dapper,groomed and mildly eccentric. On the minus side, people notice you as dapper,groomed and mildly eccentric. There's been at least one wedding i've been to where i've heard muttering about "who wears tweed to a wedding?" while surrounded by a multitude of men in badly fitting shapeless cheap polyester suits. It's...
Quote:Originally Posted by Kai  Cross post from WAYWRN Fall weather here:     A lovely herringbone. Kai, tell me when you're away on holiday, based on what i've seen so far I think i'm going to come over and steal your entire wardrobe.
Looks good, IMHO if you had a brighter tie you wouldn't need the scarf
Thanks SugarButch,   the more I look at it I think the best thing is to go with the jacket as is, and not fuss about it like an old woman. from the 80s and proud! still needs an iron though, job for the evening :)
 in a word, yes. I think they're from the 80s, and to my current eye for jackets look ridiculous.
something in blue, if its a lightweight tweed I would try and choose a lighter weight fabric in the trousers.
Vexing Conundrum   See Exhibit A.   Harris Tweed Jacket in Blue/Grey that needs a good iron, a present from ebay.   It fits well, I like the roping, colour, weight, rear vents, sleeve length, even the gorge is nice and straight for once.   but the lapels.   UGH!!! those lapels!!!     What's a Chap to do?   do I   A) wear and be damned (and feel unconfortable as I think it's so fuddy duddy looking) B) add another button and get the iron out, to make the...
my new wastcoat has nearly reached me, I already have the matching trousers :)  
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