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[quote/] This thread needs a decent burial. Suits do not breed respect necesarily as you insist - out of place , which is something judged by society generally not the wearer it will cause much mirth and do you no good at all, so get that view out of your mind whilst you are young.[/quote] Utter bollocks. Who care's what the chatterati think. Resurrected just for you.
 This is absolutely, without doubt amazing! Very well done
some beautiful jackets guys, vey well done
is it 100% wool? do you like the fabric pattern and cut? e.g. lapels,gorge,vents etc. if so, buy it. if not, plenty to choose from on ebay right now
i've used Tweed Addict and Mears, i'd go the latter of the two for just a sports jacket, although do you need a MTM? something off the peg would be fairly easy to find then alter
Originally Posted by NeedForTweed123    So I'm not crazy? I thought they would be nice with a barbour jacket or with a tweed jacket and a sweater. I get not wanting to overload on tweed, but I figured 2 tweed pieces in an outfit with something else to break them up looks good.        I have a combo of woodland green harris tweed combat trousers, an ecru heavyweight submariners wool rollneck jumper and brown wax cotton smock, looks a bit 1940s and I love wearing the...
In the process of having a clearout, here's some of my charity shop tweeds going to the big ebay in the sky  [[SPOILER]]
Walker Slater have a sale on... maybe worth a look, i've nabbed myself a clegg coat
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