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I'm a maybe. For dinner, try Ragazza at 311 Divisadero, between Page and Oak. They have a back patio (weather permitting) that can accommodate larger parties.
I have only been to Barcelona, so I can't offer a comparison, but I can say that Barcelona is a really fun city to visit.   As for food/drinks, here are some places I recommend:   El Xampanyet -- a small tapas bar very near the Picasso Museum; order the xampanyet (house-made sparkling wine (I guess it's Catalan for "champagne")) Bar Central -- in the back of La Boqueria, the huge food market on La Rambla Pla --...
I'm wearing the chocolate today, I already have the navy, and I just picked up the caramel. Good stuff for sure. The Walt works better for me than the Rivet, and these are such a great middle ground between the two.
Just got a pair of these this week but I haven't worn them yet. I like the cuffs, although I'm leaning toward no cuffs for mine. Cuffed pants just collect dog hair around my house.
Are these the Carmina Fitzgeralds? Please tell me they are horribly uncomfortable and super-ugly in person so I won't buy them.
Hey all,   I am seeking advice from the group. I would like to buy a wingtip shoe, and I am currently focused on the Alden shortwing in burnished tan, and the Carmina Fitzgerald in dark brown calf. My intent is to find something versatile -- these days I am trending more toward business casual, and even denim, as opposed to suits or sport coats, but I do like the idea of being able to dress it up when the occasion calls for it.   Does the tan of the Alden make it more...
 I vote for either the olive or forest, but that is 100% my own personal taste and not a guess as to what will sell best.
Hey David,   I dropped an email to the Baldwin email address yesterday but I'll ask here, too. Can you provide some sizing guidance and/or measurements on the Reed in raw selvage? It often seems that denim brands recommend sizing down one in the waist -- I'm usually a 32 in dress pants, but most denim I have is a 31. What's the shrinkage/stretch factor for this fabric?   Thanks!
I'm from Kentucky, too, but I never acquired a taste for bourbon. It's one of my great personal failings, and one I vow to remedy every New Year's, along with my yearly resolution to become more patient. I'm still working on that one, too.
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