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Are these the Carmina Fitzgeralds? Please tell me they are horribly uncomfortable and super-ugly in person so I won't buy them.
Hey all,   I am seeking advice from the group. I would like to buy a wingtip shoe, and I am currently focused on the Alden shortwing in burnished tan, and the Carmina Fitzgerald in dark brown calf. My intent is to find something versatile -- these days I am trending more toward business casual, and even denim, as opposed to suits or sport coats, but I do like the idea of being able to dress it up when the occasion calls for it.   Does the tan of the Alden make it more...
 I vote for either the olive or forest, but that is 100% my own personal taste and not a guess as to what will sell best.
Hey David,   I dropped an email to the Baldwin email address yesterday but I'll ask here, too. Can you provide some sizing guidance and/or measurements on the Reed in raw selvage? It often seems that denim brands recommend sizing down one in the waist -- I'm usually a 32 in dress pants, but most denim I have is a 31. What's the shrinkage/stretch factor for this fabric?   Thanks!
I'm from Kentucky, too, but I never acquired a taste for bourbon. It's one of my great personal failings, and one I vow to remedy every New Year's, along with my yearly resolution to become more patient. I'm still working on that one, too.
  I have a pair of these and I am really loving them. I find that they actually get more comfortable as the day goes on.
  I think you're good. When you get down to a small adjustment here or there, think how much better off you are than most people who are off by an entire size, or two. Now, as for a stripper flirting with you, that may have had more to do with the roll of bills you were doling out than what you were wearing...
  Keeping it real is important. I like the look of the caramel, but I have another pair of shoes in a similar color, and I like the look of that brown CXL in terms of cooler weather wear.
  I dig those shoes. I am hoping for a restock of the brown CXL version for a solid fall/winter option. How do you like these caramels (or is it "carmels")?
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