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I examined this suit closely last night and noticed the following additional things for your consideration: 1) there is canvas all the way down to the jacket waist hem on both the left and right jacket front sides, but the back side going down to the middle vent piece does not have any canvas that I could feel; 2) the exterior jacket chest pocket and both exterior waist pockets were stitched shut and I opened one of the waist pockets and it is functioning; 3) the...
What's the best way to feel the fabric to see if the suit is canvassed or not?  If I am not mistaken, Brioni suits are fully canvassed? 
I will for sure circulate more photos of this suit as requested.  I very much appreciate all the comments.  Even the CSI one -- funny!    eHaberdasher, what about: 1) the sewing/stitching on the label being off (as commented by others above); and 2) the inside collar label being solid blue rectangular tag instead of saying "Made in Italy" on a white/off white rectangular tag?    
Thanks.  Will do.  I will get those photos circulated tomorrow.
Thanks for the comments and thoughts.  In speaking to the seller, he said that the previous owner is a lawyer, who wore suit once to his daughters wedding, the suit itself was bought in Selfrideges in London.  He very strongly believes it is authentic and guarantees its authencity.  He offered me a full refund.  There are two labels on this entire suit.  The size label is inside the chest pocket.  Here are photos of the labeling.  There is no label with the model name. ...
I just recently purchased on ebay a light gray, two button, double vent, single breasted suit that was described as a an authentic Brioni.  The seller is from Britain, j-m-the-diplomat-suits, sells other suits and has 100% positive feedback for over 3,000 transactions.  The suit jacket interior has the classic "Brioni Roma" label with black lettering on white, but I noticed a few things that did not seem right and have me worried.  First, the jacket lining does not...
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