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I agree that the details suggest this suit is authentic.  The suit is fully canvased.  And I have no reason to believe the seller (who has excellent feedback) is selling fakes.  But why would there be no felt underlay?  I though this was a basic element of any well made suit.  Thoughts?   
But what about details like all the buttons are engraved with Gucci and match exactly the buttons on the Gucci suit that I purchased from the Gucci retail store.  Or, the fact that it has the correct style labels.  The pants have the Gucci name sewn into the waist line like authentic Gucci suit pants.  And, even the trouser clasp is engraved with Gucci like the genuine item.  It seems like too many of the genuine details are there for it to be a fake, but I'm really...
I recently purchased a pre-owned Gucci peak lapel suit from a seller on eBay.  The buttons are all engraved with the Gucci name, the interior Gucci label appears genuine, and the style labels inside the jacket interior chest pocket and attached to the pants are consistent and appear to be the same as those in Gucci suits that I purchased at the retail store.  But I was surprised to notice that there was no woolen felt underlay at all beneath the collar and upper part of...
Thank you all very much for the helpful information.  I will be returning the suit to the seller for a full refund.  You guys are amazing!  I especially appreciate the input from jefferyd and eHaberdasher.  CSI couture indeed!
I sent the photos but it said I need to wait for moderator approval.
Finally, here is that blue rectangular label that I mentioned that is on the interior of the collar.  Thanks again for your input.  Is this suit a real Brioni or is it a fake?    
Here are more of the trousers:  
Here are the trousers.  The end of the pant leg has a material strip sewn in that I have never seen on any pants as photographed here. Also there is a black piece of material on the interior placed behind the back pockets on both sides. Crotch has fabric piece sewn in.
                                                                                                   JACKET BEHIND COLLAR, LAPEL, INSIDE LINING AT HEM, AND SLEEVE CUFF
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