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By looking at the photo of the label I posted, can you tell when this suit was made? Thanks.    
Same guy.  Good memory.  Thanks to you all I got a full refund.
Correction:  As others have correctly pointed out, Tom Ford was with Gucci in the 90's (I believe starting in 1994) and then went on to YSL when Gucci bought it before starting his own line.   
I just posted a photo of the label.  Perhaps that would help tell us when this suit was made.  Thanks.  
  I think jefferyd is on to something.  Here are a few photos under the collar and lapel. Also, I would imagine that the jacket interior chest pocket label would tell us when this suit was made.  Under the words "Riga" (Italian for "line") are the number "98."  I believe Tom Ford was Gucci's Creative Director from 1994-2004.  So this would make sense. But I have included a photo of the label. Can anyone look at it and tell when this suit was made based on any of the...
10 or so years would put this suit in a period when Tom Ford was the Creative Director at Gucci.  Right?    
Now that you all have established that this Gucci suit is authentic, any idea why there is no woolen felt underlay beneath the collar and upper lapels?  I mean, am I the only one that finds this super strange? Any ideas why this is so? Thanks.
Sorry about the bold script.  Why do you think the suit has no woolen felt underlay?  Any ideas?  
Great idea.  The seller was ngojacks out of London.  Has relatively good feedback for a lot of transactions.  Here is the link to the auction with photos   If it were not for the fact that there is no woolen felt underlay, I would think for sure this suit is genuine Gucci.   
  But what about details like all the buttons are engraved with Gucci and match exactly the buttons on the Gucci suit that I purchased from the Gucci retail store.  Or, the fact that it has the correct style labels.  The pants have the Gucci name sewn into the waist line like authentic Gucci suit pants.  And, even the trouser clasp is engraved with Gucci like the genuine item.  It seems like too many of the genuine details are there for it to be a fake, but I'm really...
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