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  Great advice!  I have one bow tie that I enjoy wearing but it's a rare occurrence when I wear it.  If you really want to wear one do.  Like mentioned above I think a wedding is a great occasion to wear one.  
I've been searching around for a good dress shirt in the $75-100 range.  Most people agree that the BB dress shirts are good for the price.  I'm curious, since the Benjamin suits get such good reviews, is how are the Benjamin dress shirts in terms of quality and fit when compared to the BB shirts?  
What is the general consensus (if there is one) on Circa "Crip" shoes?  Such as these with say a pair of jeans - http://www.zappos.com/circa-crip-black-white   Also, I'm curious if that is a pretty "universal" casual type shoe?  I have a very small casual collection and currently don't have any casual shoes so I'd like something universal.  Thanks
New to the casual scene and am looking for popular shoe styles for going out on a date, to the movies, out to eat etc etc.     Thanks
  I do have a small rotation and I've noticed this with a few of my more colorful, fun shirts.  Kinda sucks.  That's a good idea for suit colors at this point for me.  I will search around for a Navy or different shade of gray.  Thanks! 
  Found a good deal on AE "Strand" in brown burnished calf that I'm thinking about getting.  Thoughts on that color for versatility?
http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/florsheim-marlton-wingtip-oxford/3124343?origin=category&fashionColor=Brown+Leather&resultback=7418   Curious what you guys think of those as far as COLOR wise.  Is that dark enough brown?  I like the design of them and have a pair of Florsheim shoes similar to those that are very comfortable and are holding up nicely thus far.     EDIT Found a few threads on here and found Benjamin suits that are very nice looking and in my price...
  Someone earlier said in the $400 price range I don't have a lot of quality options but reading that comment I'm curious if there are "quality" suits in the $400 range?     JC Penney doesn't have anything worth buying.  Younkers didn't see much there.  Dillards had RL stuff and Men's Warehouse has nicer stuff but no navy blue suits in my size.  They only had darker blue but I was wanting a lighter navy blue to where you know it's Navy and not black/dark charcoal.  
Even if my price range is right in the $400 range?
  Went and checked -- it's the Ralph by Ralph Lauren line.  
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