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What is the function of all those buttons?  Purely decorative?  Is there a name for a jacket with the buttons laid out that way?  Looks great.    
My first contribution to this thread.  I am just trying learning how to dress properly so any feedback on how to improve would be helpful.  This is for a law office and I want to dress conservatively and stylish.   [IMG][/IMG]   ...and, why don't my pics post to the thread?  Thanks!
My very first trip to the thrift store looking for clothing.  I picked up a lot of decent clothing in mint condition giving me good quality slacks in every color I wanted, several dress shirts that I can wear regularly and two blazers that fit me perfectly and I will be wearing often.  All good brand name quality clothing that I normally couldn't touch.  I'm so happy that I found this website which gave me the motivation to do this.  The real highlight for me was the...
thanks for the tips.  unbel, i just got a pair of ae park aves, as i figd shoes were important!
Thanks Jeff!  I took my measurements yesterday and the chest was 42 inches when inhaled.
I took my actual measurement yesterday and it was 42 inches when inhaled.    
I ended up buying the Park Ave's and the Strands in black.  I am keeping the PA and returning the Strands.  Looking at them side-by-side, the PA just looks far more appropriate for my more formal daily needs.  My heart was with the strands in walnut though.  If I dressed more casually for business more often, I would certainly have favored the walnut strands.  They are just gorgeous in my eyes.
I apologize if this question has been previously asked and answered on these forum.  I searched but could not locate a thread that helped me find the answer to this question.   I am an attorney, 32 years old, and now a partner in the law firm that I came up with.  At this stage of my life, for the first time I feel compelled to be much more stylish than I ever had to worry about before.  I am making as much as a commitment as possible to building the proper wardrobe...
their marketing model im sure works but it is pretty pathetic. i get like 5 emails per week promoting their absurd bogo sales. to take full advantage of these so called sales, they are still separatinng you from $500 or so. for that, id rather get one quality piece that will last a while.
here is my experience with jab suits.  i bought a suit there for $200.  it was/originally listed at $400.  two years later, it is falling apart.  meanwhhile, a suit by alfani bought a macys at around the same time.  its in great shape and just feels nicer.  i probably will not but another suit from jab.  i did just today get two sets of shoe trees for $12.50 eachfrom jab, so that was nice!
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