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I appreciate your opinion, that's why I posted the shoe up here.  While I would have been glad to read a barrage of posts telling me how hot they are, I'd also like to avoid walking around and having people think how bad my shoes look, so the input is helpful.   My dad used to say "eat foods that please your own taste and dress to please the taste of others."
I see you are not really a fan of the GAT replicas in general.  Do you dislike the colors on this shoe as well?
The watch has a brown leather band and little orange in the face so I thought it might be smart to splash a little orange in the shoes and wear them together.
That bad?  
  Just bought these since I was looking for a brown sneaker w/orange accent to match one of my watches.  They are a little ugly by themselves but for $54 I figured it's worth the gamble.
Man your style is good and you find the dopest places to take pics.  Are you a photog?  Any pics of myself that I've taken for these forums have been in my messy ass closet w my phone camera.  LOL  yours are much more flattering.    
Is this trading post still active?  I'm new here and would love to see this pick up.  I swing by three local thrift stores every few days now and I just buy anything in great condition by a great label that I can find.  I am building up a stockpile of things to trade.  I am not interested in selling anything for money.  I just grab this stuff because I know someone here might be doing the same thing and if we have something in each others' sizes, then everyone gets what...
What do you think of this ensemble?  I'm on the fence, but I'm rolling with it today.   [IMG] [/IMG]     Also, why don't my pics post to the thread?  Is it related to my post count?
im very interested in what shoes you have.  please post your list.    
i hear you malat.  i am just getting started, threw out all my old shoes.  now i hve three pair of respectible shoes and my plans are to keep acquiring more and more.  all thanks to this site!
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