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Don't mean to clutter up the forum with such a specific question but does anybody know where to get wax appropriate for rewaxing a cotton jacket in the toronto area? Searched online and called a few stores but can't find any.  Was hoping to find something other than barbour wax (since it I don't like the smell and I also would like a lighter wax) but I guess that will do if there are no other options.. Any suggestions/info? Thanks.
Sorry to clutter the thread but does anybody know where to get these racers in a 10.5 (or have a pair they want to sell)?  Thanks.  
  Anybody know anywhere I can find these in a 10 or have a pair they want to sell?
Looking for a blue chambray in xs.  If anybody has on they want to sell (or trade for a small, nwot), pm me.  Thanks.
If anybody has a pair of the black boots in 43, new or used, they want to sell, pm me. Thanks.
Anybody proxy from nyc to Canada?  If anybodys heading to a store, Looking to get a handful of henleys if still on promotion
Anybody own or have seen these ikat swim trunks in person?  Description doesn't seem right.  Wondering if they are lined, what the material is, if they have an internal drawstring and if they're slim?
If aybody has the navy slim oxford in size medium to sell (or can proxy one), let me know.  Thanks.  
sent you a pm a little while ago about a shirt.
Anybody here live near/goes to the distribution centre?  Looking for the Turner leather jacket from a few years ago (the belstaff brad ripoff) in size small.  If anybody has one or can check their warehouse sales, pm me.  Thanks.
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