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How do you post images?
I'm just relaying what my trainer told me. I weigh 200, with 4 % body has helped me. But obviously different strokes for different folks.
yes, the goal of carsio work is to build a strong heart. However, the goal if the person who started this thread is to cut fat and not muscle, while maintaining his weight.
i typically wear a 35 in. sleeve. Are you sure an XL wont look like a garbage bag on me? When I tuck it in?
DO NOT DO ALOT OF CARDIO!!!!!!! At maximum you should either walk on a steep incline on a treadmill or do the stairmaster thing 3 days a week. Running is the worst thing you can do while lifting, because this will cut down on your muscle mass. You need to do very low intensity cardio-no matter how ridiculous it looks at the gym.
So on the topic of Hickey, how do their shirts fit? I am 6'3'', with a 44 inch chest and a 33 inch waist. I like my clothes to fit, but not to be too tight and i like to wear shirts both tucked in, and untucked....... Would I need a large or an XL? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Anyone know anything about Nom De Guerre denim?
My friend, who recently became a professional athlete bought me 2 extremely nice gifts, for I don't even know what. Is there any way that I can thank him appropriately? We have been boys since 1st grade, and he knows I mean it when I say thank you, but I feel as if that is not enough in this case......
Whats up guys? I have a serious question, and need some outside perspectives on it seeing as all of my friends know a little too much about the situation as is. I graduated college a year ago. My girlfriend will be done this coming May. I am still living where I went to school because I do not (or didn't) want to move on with my life until she was ready to move on with me. We also recently moved in together. Now, her family has offered my an amazing job in San Diego,...
when/where can I get this hoodie?
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