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do you still have the denim jacket? if so, is it possible to get a few more pics of it?   thanks!
Never-worn Billy Reid Olden Wingtip Boots in US size 11. Top quality Italian leather + full leather sole. Billy Reid: GQ's "Best new menswear designer in America" & 2012 CFDA "Menswear Designer of the Year" is a highly sought-after designer brand and most shoes sell out quickly. I was lucky to grab these and have held onto them until now. Originally priced at $425 and SOLD OUT everywhere, even eBay. With original box & embroidered keeping bags.   The first time I...
Price drop to $185 + shipping!
Brand new, sold out Brownwatch blazer from J. Press in the sought-after Brownwatch tartan plaid. This pattern is like Blackwatch tartan but with brown instead of black. I bought this a couple of weeks ago on sale (reg. $595) and just don't have room for it and would like to sell at what I paid, $200.   Size is 41L and fits 41-42. The cut on this is a standard classic cut, 3 button. Fabric is incredible and the quality is unsurpassed from the legendary American J....
Just ordered the last 10.5 Brown Addison's from Revolve. It's a customer return so hopefully I won't get disappointed like I did with Sportsman's Guide but Revolve said they don't plan on restocking a lot of the 1000 Mile Boots so I had to take the chance.
Hello all,   I'm about to pull the trigger on either the Addison or the 1000 Mile and was wondering if anyone can report on whether the boots have expanded, shrunk, or stayed the same as new with extended wear?   Thanks!
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