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We shouldn't expect any shipments until after next week. Holidays until Wed (?) in Korea.
Brand new TOJ1 Varsity.  Black wool body, black leather sleeves, digicam on the reverse. Stock size 44.   It's only been tried on, never worn outside.   P2P: 18.6" Front Length: 21" Back Length: 23" Sleeve Length: 28.2"   I'm asking $320 shipped to NA.
I'm in Canada and I got slapped with customs last time I ordered. They did markdown so I didn't pay as much as I had to.
Anyone find the bom003s short rise uncomfortable?
st-120x in 28. Seems to be the only size missing.
I was waiting on st-120x in 28, but sadly I missed it yet again. 
I know there was a small restock of 3sixteen recently, but any word on the next restock?
i wouldn't mind seeing the toj winter varsity style back with the buttons, raglan sleeve and striped ribbing. minus the insulation.
new varsity soontimes or no?
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