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Interesting. I believe his 'gf's' instagram is @catail, not @catril She actually has some online presence - she has authored some books. Not sure if I should post whatever I found out. Or if anyone is interested PM me.
Ya, for sure. That's been the story all along. Hopefully, a new wave of people will pick up their pitchforks to get Drew to respond again. I think @dieworkwear got his jacket so he may not want to continue dealing with this mess, but someone (including myself) will have to take over that to get things going again.
Man, this is ridiculous. He's obviously just trying to stretch this out as long as he can until we all give up. Legal threats seems to have died out as well. Maybe those people were able to get their jackets in this batch.
67 Peter1 ($870) 68 Leopardus ($820) 69 Star_Mart ($1560) 70 Benfica ($780) 71 RBNMAN ($2500) 72 Azif ($380) 73 Phobicz ($780) 74 Lobuh ($380) 75 jmichael ($780) 76 lolhowdoes ($380) 77 schultjr ($1553) 78 Melbush ($855) 79 nawres ($380) 80 noirwest ($780) 81 rival3537 ($1250) 82 giaour ($380) 83 x_quest ($380) 84 FatCatPhil ($780) 85 binsed ($820)
updated measurements
Japan Blue 14oz Tight Straight Black  JB0716 Size 28   I've only tried them on inside hoping to stretch them out. Essentially brand new. They haven't been hemmed or altered in anyway.   Measurements Waist: 30" Rise: 9.3" Thigh: 10.0" Knee: 7.1" Hem: 6.5"   More Info   Shipping Included to NA
We shouldn't expect any shipments until after next week. Holidays until Wed (?) in Korea.
Brand new TOJ1 Varsity.  Black wool body, black leather sleeves, digicam on the reverse. Stock size 44.   It's only been tried on, never worn outside.   P2P: 18.6" Front Length: 21" Back Length: 23" Sleeve Length: 28.2"   I'm asking $320 shipped to NA.
I'm in Canada and I got slapped with customs last time I ordered. They did markdown so I didn't pay as much as I had to.
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