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Tiebar has a navy double white stripe. It literally costs 10% of what those ties cost.
Sarcasm aside, the answer is everywhere. While slim fitting pants are the norm in the #menswear world, they are far from the norm in the clothing stores of most American cities. User Benjamin E. has pointed you towards the (mostly) general consensus highest quality one in Bill's. Personally I like Brooks. Beware of Dockers, they'll rip after a year. As a former size 38, I can tell you from experience your options are as ample as your posterior. 
You get that effect by buying a high quality shirt, taking good care of it and letting it age gracefully. Avoiding spaghetti helps. Anything other process is dishonest. 
Don't put such bad vibes in a goodwill. 
never match tie/pocket square. Start out with a simple white linen pocket square. Get that down then move on to other stuff.
From what I can tell:   Dockers has four fits, D1-D4 in most department stores. D1 is a pretty slim fit, true to size. On most vanity sizes I'm a 36, here I'm definitely a 38 (though its a bit big). Don't bother with D2-D4, fit is way too big.   Dockers alpha khaki uses the D1 fit, but its a different line with better construction. I'm wearing some right now to try them out and I like them a lot so far. The standard D1 you would get in a department store is the...
A bit of advice from someone who is 5 years up the road from you (that's me!). Certainly if you can pursue this passion, go for it. I'm in the same boat, making a transition to what I think I'll like a lot more.    I will give two caveats though. First, if the transition means you default on loans or lose an apartment, save up some cash before you make the switch. One day when you want to own a boat, they won't care that you defaulted because you were following your...
  I own a few of their oxfrd cloth shirts. They've held up well, very comfortable, easy to clean, can't complain. That being said, if you're doing dress shirts it seems the consensus is that BB Extra Slim Fit is the winner. I prefer BB by a mile for shirts. One note, I'm not a shirt expert, but areas such as the collar and placket on the J. Crew shirt kind of pucker, and I can't iron them out. I don't wear enough Oxford to know if that's natural or a higher quality shirt...
#8 Chromexcel in either boat shoe or beefroll penny, which one?   Look would be a white denim/patterned dress shirt summer style, might do a linen navy blazer or a faded black cotton blazer. Might also do alpha khakis.   Thoughts on which one is best for said look, also which one is a bit more versatile?
I actually end up getting a fair amount of these clothes because I live near a Dillard's close out store. I find that of all Dillard's unbought and slightly defective wares that make it to the store, the Cremieux stuff is hands down the best. I can't recommend buying it when its not on deep discount like I get it. Also its hard to avoid the gaudy and silly looking "23" logo on a lot of it. I've gotten two of their clothes that I made wardrobe staples at one point, a...
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