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I don't like the last on those (I believe the last is that which gives the shoe its shape, I might be wrong).    It's almost as if this show combines the worst aspects of square toes and pointy's.   Lurk More.
You'll regret layin' down those bill$ when Odd Future starts rapping about "Dubby monks" on their next single.
I would suggest looking at ASOS, the suits they sell assume you haven't eaten since the Reagan administration. The prices are reasonable too, but I think that's because the quality of the suit is closer to that of high grade paper than an actual suit. Still though, your look will be of the moment (it's a short but sweet moment) and you won't be out much cash. In clothing you can never be too slim, so cheer up, the suiting world is your oyster and closet full of Ludlow's...
I like the stuff from Unis. First pair of pants I've ever owned that were truly (by my estimation) slim fit. Ok, and also once at the gap I swear I bought this pair of pants labeled "Gap slim fit" that also fit the bill, but I've never seen it past that one time a few seasons ago, everything else from there since has been a parachute in comparison. Still though, its kept me wandering into that store for years. I'm haunted by those pants. I threw them away after they got...
The problem with the BB Milano is that the rise is quite tight while the leg is a bit billowy. The rise makes it rather unflattering. 
After 25 you can no longer wear hoodies or chucks, I think its codified in the unspoken statute of #menswear communicated by nods of approbation. Look at it this way, you didn't age out of the game, you're just in a different league now.   But seriously, switch to the much better world of sweaters or cardigans. If you sincerely must, then the answer is a navy hoodie with no visible logos or embellishments, nothing else. Zip or no zip doesn't matter, either one will...
To a weird hybrid of ivy prep and rugged Americana. I just bought a pair of Imogene and Willie denim that I'll taper the legs on a bit and then will be pairing with a blazer. While I'm at school this fall (back in the class after 4 years!), I'll be doing shaggy dogs with a clark's desert boot. Honestly I think it won't look all that great, but I'm ok with the wardrobe being in transition. 
No environment in Austin is too conservative for those. I think they are a bit pointy, but not beyond the pale. 
No pics but I would think an Alpha khaki might work. I wear them with my Clark's desert boots and enjoy the look. Might want to clarify what engineer's boots are. I'm a mechanical engineer and as far as I know we don't have a set boot. 
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