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Newberry, That color is amazing, I've been looking for something similar but no luck. 
Had a request for a bandana woggle so I knocked these out. The one here is russet, but I did versions in blue, black, red and natural. It's definitely a particular look, but they were fun to make since I used to make these out of different materials as a scout many years ago.   
The orange and green combination is amazing. Very nice.
Really like the collection of textures
 You could look at the Padded Computer Bag. I used it daily and carried similar items. It's a bit on the big side, but the slight padding, especially on the bottom, is really nice to have if you plan on carrying a lap top. Blue or black are really versatile if you're using it in a work environment. 
Here a few bracelets that my better half made not too long ago, paired with my unbranded poor-man's automatic with a shell cordovan strap.   
Much appreciated 
I love that watch. Pics of the band?
 This helps quite a bit, thank you!
Any advice on how the Classic Chukka fit? True to size? Thanks!
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