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Got my hands on some very soft oiled indigo nubuck. Paired it with natural veg tan on select pieces.
That blue is really nice. Does anyone have evolution pics of the Tenue de Nimes indigo dyed 6" Moc?
Been working on some new hand-dyed pieces lately  
RuffyD, that backpack is really cool. And dibadiba - impressive as usual!
  I haven't posted in a while but wanted to post these bracelets we recently made in support of national breast cancer awarenss month. Each one is unique, hand dyed veg tan, and 100% of the sales (I'm not a fan of "for sale" plugs, but this is for a good cause) will be donated to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research and patient support. http://fridayandriver.com/collection/breast-cancer-awareness-month-bracelets/
Been cranking out belts lately, which are one of my favorite pieces to make and watch evolve. These are each made of 10/11 oz English bridle leather.      
Really great stuff! Schpako - that bag is incredible, I can't wait to see it after some use.  Here's an iphone card case I recently made. Trying to keep the stuff in my pocket as minimal as possible.         
Dibadiba - your stuff looks amazing, I especially like the carryall. I made these for fun, leather coffee and pint sleeves. The coffee sleeve is super useful, much better than the standard cardboard, and the pint sleeve makes you're beer look pretty cool. Being in San Diego, all things beer-enhancing are welcomed with open arms.  
IIIrd Icon - Those EQUUS belts are amazing. Feeding my obsession with minimal wallets, I knocked out these card holders. Very clean, and wear very nicely.
Zissou, that elephant grey looks really nice.   I've been into short wallet's with lanyards lately. Here's my current daily carry.  
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