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was hoping that wool bomber was going to get released... not looking good per del. 3 book
How much were the boucle sweats when they first dropped?
http://video.gq.com/watch/gq-s-best-new-menswear-designers-in-america-go-behind-the-scenes-at-a-gq-shoot   Behind the scenes of the gap shoot...
@JohnElliot  Any plans to restock the black high-tops in 43?
Anyone know where i can purchase the tournament high-tops in black or waxed black in a 43?  Seemed to be sold out everywhere...
Looking for Common Projects Tournament High in a Sz. 43.  Looking for black or black waxed suede.
@MaiLam looks good- what jeans are those?
whatsup with the size guide not working again with the jorts.
I can see JE dropping new denim soon- thinking thats why they are giving the 20% off deals...
Drop them jorts already, its heating up in DC!
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