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^^^Thats interesting considering the La Spalla and Jort are both offered on the euro site.  The "jort" seems to be slightly cheaper with different features such as "pull tabs" as well.
Anyone know when the "Jort" model might be available for US online?
Just got HY suede chukka boots in the mail....obsessed with them....350 on sale for 100 and got here in 2 days....cant beat it!!
Anyone have the suede chukka boots or preferably pics wearing the chukka boots?
yes i know it is the only color at this time but previously he had a light brown option....been looking for that shade  
Will you be restocking the suede chukkas in the light brown color rather then just the dark??  
Are the light brown chukka boots shown at the trunk show the same as the ones for sale on the website?  Really like the light brown as opposed to the dark and did not know if this was just the picture or actual color.   
^^^^ been eyeing that exact same light brown lazio as well just havent pulled the trigger yet. 
Im about the same size as you and pretty lanky.  If you can up your price to about 500 I would go with suitsupply.  Everything I have bought from them has fit me amazing
Anyone know how slim the shirts are or the extra slim?  Usually wear tm lewin slim fit and fit great.  Would that compare to the slim or extra slim? About 175 6'3 long athletic build
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