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Pm sent
WTB- Crockett Jones Westbourne 9.5UK
I got fitted yesterday for a suit using the mtm program in DC.  Awesome customer serivce.  The suit should be done by end of January (pretty quick turnaround).  I can post pics once completed.
@JohnElliottCo any plans on restocking villian crew neck sweatshirts in Large? Preferably burgundy/black?
Has anyone seen this suit below in person?  Wondering if it can be worn all 4 seasons?  Looks to be birds eye but cant tell...   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/lazio-light-grey-plain/P3959I.html?start=33&cgid=Suits&start=0&sz=78
@johnelliottcoAny plans on restocking the black or maroon villain crewneck sweatshirts in large in the next few wks?
If anyone has the double breasted camel overcoat in a 40L and wants to let it go I will buy it!  Its sold out in my size everywhere :( 
Looking to purchase a pair of Carmina chelsea boots on the simpson last.  Looking for brown/black in a size 10.5 US.
^^^Thats interesting considering the La Spalla and Jort are both offered on the euro site.  The "jort" seems to be slightly cheaper with different features such as "pull tabs" as well.
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