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Thank you for the insightful response, I'm very grateful. Though, in my infinite dumbness, some of these things are not all clear to me. The shirt sleeves are quite obviosly too long, and I apologize. I didn't think that through. But whats unclear to me are these parts:    "yours is a slightly round back that is puling up the bottom of the back slightly. but your head and neck are erect, causing that lump of cloth to stick up. the back needs to be shortened at the top,...
I just tried posting here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-alteration-suggestions-and-construction-demonstration. I added some pictures, and entered the text and submitted the post. My post count bumped to 1, and the pictures can be found in my profile, but no post appeared. Also, if i try to look at all posts in my profile, i get the message "No Posts Found!"Did I do something wrong? 
First post ever, so I'm sorry if I'm breaking any etiquette or rules.   Anyhow, just bought new Corneliani suit on sale, and I plan to take it to the tailor for some adjustments. I have some ideas myself, but would like to get some feedback from someone who actually has a clue.   I hope the pictures are satisfactory, and if not, please let me know and i will gear up and take some new ones.             [[SPOILER]]            
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