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 Good deal!
 Definitely the saturation:) The waistcoat is slightly darker than the jeans and the finish of the fabric is noticeably different.
It's an A1 day!  
 F/W is my favourite period of the year by far!
 Do you mean the scarves that are silk on one side and wool on the other or the scarves that are made from a wool/silk blend? My preference is for the latter because the pure silk side feels too cold to me. I like them because they are lightweight and warm enough for a Melbourne winter. They can work well with both casual jackets and tailored clothing. The only problem with wool/silk scarves is the price. HC had the best prices by far. Exquisite Trimmings is another option.
 The Islays would work really well with the fabric as well. This tweed is quite lightweight so I don't have to wait until the coldest days. Perhaps a lightweight tweed jacket might be a better option than a full suit. I would comfortably wear this jacket in a temperature that's in the mid to high teens but that's about as warm as I would go. I run cold so I like the warmth most times. The boots would work well with denim as well.
 Thanks! Olive is rapidly becoming one of my favourite colours.
 Thanks, AAS! I thought for awhile before settling on this cardigan. Cream and navy were the rejected candidates.
Green Corduroy Day:     (Cornelliani suit, Borrelli shirt, John Smedley cardigan, Christian Kimber square, Crockett and Jones Lindrick boots)
Thanks! They're actually Crockett and Jones Marlow wingtip bluchers made for Ralph Lauren. I often wear my pair of Lindricks with this suit as well.
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