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Still Time For Tweed:  
 Thanks, man. You're too kind. I get much inspiration from the other posters in this thread.  Thanks! They are light grey cashmere flannel trousers by Panta. I snagged them about a minute after they got put up on the B&S forum - really glad I got them!  Ha! I doubt that. FWIW, these flannel pants feel like they could be used for lounging around the house - they're that comfortable.
Trucker jackets are not just for truckers  
The outfit looks great. The colors all go really well and they're nice pieces.If I had to pick something, it would be that the jumper looks baggy around the belly. Maybe it's meant to fit that way or maybe it's little too big. Maybe that's the way you like it to fit. In any case, I like what you've done here and look forward to more.
Totally and unreservedly inspired by @Cotton Dockers  
I got to model for the FW16 EG look book for Up There Store in Melbourne. It's some really awesome stuff! The look book is at https://uptherestore.com/news/engineered-garments-fw16/   Here are some photos from the shoot:  
  Funny you mention that. I was just about to choose some to upload to the blog and post here as well 
EG + Christian Kimber:  
Loving my old Byrons:  
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