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 It said double-breasted when I checked it 15 minutes ago. They must have just changed it.
 Even if I didn't know it was your photo, that's the one I would have voted for. Good photo and good luck!
 Is Caustic Man your sock puppet?
 Got a link? I can't find anything on the site. Something like this? 
What about a navy tie with a tiny Australian flag?
 I agree. I need to do it for a few of my suit jackets but haven't gotten round to it yet.
Tuesday Blues:  
 Pretty versatile - wear it with khaki, grey or blue trousers. I wear my green Donegal jacket with indigo denim as well. Try that MJ Bale jacket with khaki trousers, a blue gingham shirt and a purple knit tie.
Thanks, @Pliny  - the suit is mid-grey IRL and the tie is a wool charcoal herringbone. The blueish tinge comes from the afternoon light - by the time I get home, it's already getting dark. I tried to reduce it as much as I could without the photo looking like it was in black and white,
New Posts  All Forums: