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Casual Friday:  [[SPOILER]]
AS Exclusive for NWMA Cambridge Snuff Suede derby boots:       They arrived yesterday and make me smile when I look at them.
I'm not sure that everyone's getting the rules:So what you need to do to enter is:1) Post your picture2) Post the picture of who or what inspired you3) Write a sentence or two about how the inspiration translated into the outfitGood luck
Great outfit, @Roycru. Your writing style is very charming. I find myself reading them in Jimmy Stewart's voice.
Remember, everyone, you need to post your photos AS WELL as a sentence or two about why the picture or person was your inspiration. It doesn't need to be an essay - just a couple of sentences will do. The reasons is that if you're choosing a fellow poster as inspiration, it's a little bit of a shout-out or acknowledgement to them and I'm sure they would be thrilled to know. If you happen to choose someone or something else as your inspiration, it's interesting to get some...
Very nice, @Betelgeuse! The second part of the entry is to tell us a little about why this was your inspiration. Why did you choose Clags?
Send them to me and I'll polish them then come out here to visit and you can take them back with you when you return. I'll even do the photos
What was it about his style that appealed to or inspired you?
Very nice. Liking forward to your picks!By the way, there's a typo on the NWMA pick page. It should be WWWWWW - six 'W's and not five
Here are mine:   Carmina black suede/calf balmoral boots on the Rain last:   Carmina burgundy shell on the Soller last:   Alfred Sargent Cambridge boots in snuff suede:   C&J Coniston scotchgrain derby boots:     C&J Lindricks in dark brown shell:       Carmina (for Epaulet) wingtip boots in saddle shell:   Christian Kimber grey suede chukka boots:   Christian Kimber dark brown suede chukka boots:   Carmina dark brown suede chukka...
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