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Thanks, SB!
  Thank you very much! Yes, that is the white lupo polo.
 This is their first shipment so they must have been listening :)
 I found it in a shop called ZiguZagu on Malvern Road not far from Hobba. I bought the EG from Up There in McKillop Place and their price is slightly lower than The Bureau (the non-EU price). I recommend a visit if you haven't been. 
Thanks! That' scarf is pretty awesome - 100 year old indigo-dyed cotton fabric from Japan made up of pieces that have been stitched together. I was stoked to find in in Melbourne, of all places  Thank you very much!
I've just recently discovered the wonders of EG clothes but I think they're fantastic.   Some of my recent fits:   FW15 Grey herringbone Bedford:     FW13 Field parka in navy NYCO ripstop         Mountain parka (not sure what season):          
Not sure if this fits in here but here goes:  
XFC: Linen, polo and suede:  [[SPOILER]]
Linen, suede and a polo:  
 I've got a number of olive/greenish outerwear too and that played a part in my decision :) As for the fabric, I'd say about 12-13 oz with a very soft hand. It has more give than the moleskin.
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