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  Is it true that anyone mentioning Foxy's name receives an automatic 50% upcharge on any purchases?  Seriously though, Jared's green overcoat that you made is something really special. Do you offer a CMT service?
 That's exactly my setup for my shots.
^^^ Thanks, man.
Today's footwear - C&J Lindrick boots for Ralph Lauren in cognac shell:  
 Not sure what you mean, @in stitches , I thought the light was ok for the the full fit pic I that I put up:  No promises but I'll see if I can get another one.
 I had to put it in a separate thread in the interests of time since I couldn't figure out how to add a poll into the thread. I have since figured it out :)
Wearing my Lindrick boots today:  
 I tried my best but you can only play the cards you're dealt
 I would say the fit doesn't meet all the rules of the challenge although the jacket is definitely green and it's a great casual fit.
Thanks, Pliny. Yes, it's olive green corduroy  
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