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For what it's worth, I voted for you and Craftsmanco
There you go! A close race but a well deserved winner in @CraftsmanCo !    Well done and I'm looking forward to the challenge you set!
It's not over yet and it's a close run race!
@jcmeyer, please keep doing these. As far as keeping this thread updated goes, I'd give you 25 thumbs up at the very minimum 
 I'd go more with the temperature and the weather conditions that the season - I wore my tweed suit in summer on a particularly cool day 
 FWIW, at least 90% of Vanda's sales come from outside SG. Wearing a donegal wool tie outside of colder weather (whatever the season) might be more uncomfortable than anything. I do have a burnt orange knit tie that I would wear in spring/summer.
Very nice fit, @jcmeyer, I like all of it. That tie is something special, huh?
Nah, definitely Danny Zuko:
Thanks to all who keep this thread going. JCM, brilliant job on the last post and also on that outfit a few posts above.
 Wow! Thank you. The knit was only tucked in a little (at the front) :)
New Posts  All Forums: