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Cool Weather Clobber:  
 Thanks, man!
Good idea. I've got a grey rollneck and I'll try it with that.Yes, it's Inis Meain - well spotted!
I appreciate the feedback, AAS.The sweater is olive which does go with black, to my eye. The jeans are black, though.I don't know if the boots say badass - look at how they're polished.It was a cold day and a t-shirt wouldn't cut it. What shirt would you have gone with?The idea was to wear this jacket on a cold day without looking like a biker. Ideas?
 Thanks, man! I really appreciate it!
 You and PoP can take over the market.
In Leather (a Vanson Enfield):  
 Looking good. I especially like the tote :)
Cords and chukkas:  
Stripes and Plaid:  
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