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Eidos Lupo polo and my new Christian Kimber x Eidos field boots in action:  
 Thanks, man! I really loved them ever since I first saw them. I'm looking forward to see how else I can wear them.
 The suit was made by Patrick Johnson. The fabric is donegal tweed from Caccioppoli which originated from Ariston. It's a very light fabric as far as tweeds go.
 Thanks! It's the Eidos Napoli Lupo long sleeve polo.
 Thank you so much! That blue suede is a nice difference to the snuff or chocolate brown suede A-1s that people seem to have. Those are really nice as well but I like how this stands out.
Hey, he started it!   Thanks, man. I really liked them when he first launched them but held off. I couldn't say no at the price he sold them at during his recent sample sale.
I just got the Kimber Eidos field boots. Great boots!  
  And you're a man that's not easily suede!
You can see pictures at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/114749055562/celebrating-the-return-of-autumn-with-green-tweedI find the jacket very versatile and wear it with khakis, dark denim, grey flannel or as part of the suit. By the way, it's green Donegal tweed not flannel. I bought it to split it and it's worked well for me.
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