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 Excellent fit and very good choice of briefcase  
I reworded my original post for clarity.
colco is right. They are optional.
 Where did you look? There are three for $20 each at http://www.siricco.com.au/html/s13_shopping/default.asp?keyword=Wallets-Retail
 It just so happened that the previous week's contest was won with "The Uniform" but your style extends to much more beyond. I've narrowed the scope so to speak  Also, you don't need to DTO one of your previous outfits if you don't want to. "The Uniform" does not need a tie or a pocket square so there is that ...
  Go to any Siricco shop and take your pick.
The new Friday Challenge is up!
New contest is up!
The challenge is simple. Wear The Uniform better than anyone else   You can wear it all year round and as Derek at Put This On has written: The RulesBlue jackets, grey pants and suede shoes must be worn The rest is up to you (square/tie/socks are optional) Fits need to be worn from this week Submissions must be posted by midnight AEST Saturday 18 July and the poll will close on Tuesday 21 July  Inspiration Pics courtesy of linen for summer, tweed for winter: [[SPOILER]]...
It's a great film. I didn't know she was a guitarist as well. I really enjoyed it.
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