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 Thanks for not posting that particular fit pic 
Thank you kindly. Yes, it could have been better like the one in the last contest. Glad you liked it. You did get one of my votes as well, btw. Can't resist an orange Tue!
Well done, everyone! This is the most votes I've cast in any contest so far.
The Friday Challenge poll is up!
The poll is up!
Twenty minutes to go. C'mon, guys, get your entries in!
 You're right.@KuDeTa calculated it as (25/35)*375 when it should have been (35/25)*375. 
Some really great entries so far! Keep 'em coming!   (Paging @in stitches )
From the FC thread:   The Uniform  
  For this outfit I wanted lots of textures so the jacket is made of an open weave fabric, the tie is a silk donegal, the square is wool/silk and the shoes are suede. The colours are pretty standard but I think that the texture adds some interest to the outfit
New Posts  All Forums: