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Cold day today and I love it!  [[SPOILER]]
 He could call it Tuber ...
Well done, Leaves!
 Dress well and you'll get all the chicks!
 I agree. I wouldn't go for Uniqlo cashmere (I'd rather buy vintage stuff) but the merino and lambswool stuff is good and well priced, Also, I would suggest learning how to wash wool. I hand-washed a cashmere/wool cardigan the other day and it was surprisingly straightforward. More info at http://putthison.com/search/washing+wool
  I'm not sure I agree with your comments about my A1. The second pic was taken in August last year when I first got it and the first was taken at the end of April. There's about 3-4 kg increase in my weight in the first pic compared to the second but I don't look fat. Naturally, if the increase in weight was all at my waist, I'd look fat but that would apply whether I was wearing an A-1 or a sportscoat. I also don't understand your last statement - I'm wearing a more...
 The A1 style jacket needs to be slim fitting. I haven't got fit pics of my suede A1 yet but this is mine from Ring Jacket (despite the grumpy face, I really like it ):   Ethan looks great in this one:
 Or he's wearing it on his right hand.
Thanks, @in stitches!
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