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Hmmm, the shoulder is extended and the sleeve length is a bit long. I think you should post a video to show how it looks in real life Seriously though, I like it very much. I was going off the idea of a db sportscoat but this makes me reconsider.A very Happy New Year to you all from Australia!
Happy New Year, everyone!
I would go for Oud Wood.
 Don't hold back - tell us how you really feel 
 I just might be - know where I can get a pair of those?
My Christmas present - I didn't have my canvas and paints handy so I took photos:
A big thank you to the team for this pair of chukkas on the Soller last. I love the last and can't wait to wear these!  
Thanks very much, @Cleav!
Chocolate suede chukkas on the Soller last - freshly unboxed:  
A big thank you to Jim, Yoshi and the Khaki's team for my prize (which just arrived) - I can't wait to wear this tie once I get back to work!     The handwritten letter is a very nice touch and the card with the push-out collar stiffeners is very cool!
New Posts  All Forums: