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Christian Kimber scarf and Aperture sneakers in action:  
At first glance, I thought that it was him!
Not sure if this counts since it's a woolen vest:
Mixing seasons - autumn layers and a textured silk tie:     (Lardini jacket, Woolovers vest, Borrelli shirt, Vanda Fine Clothing tie, self-dyed indigo square, Corneliani trousers, Carmina shoes)
It's made by Baldassari for a local store.My feet are borderline wide so I went yrs. If yours aren't, you'd probably want to go half a size down as @thecool85 said.
 What would Harvey know about wholecuts?
Winter is coming and along with it, the flannel!     (Boglioli suit, @Henry Carter shirt and tie, @Kent Wang square, Carmina boots)
 I've bought from him before and he's a great, friendly guy. I'd highly recommend him as a seller.
New Posts  All Forums: