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I think it should be a straightforward process of notification and setting expectations with customers. I put my order in more than twenty weeks ago. When I checked at the twenty week mark, I was told that it would take a few more months because they faced some unexpected issues that pushed back the completion dates for jackets in progress. That's fine with me but if I hadn't asked, nobody would have said anything. My question is this: when a company has an event that...
Let us know when they go up Any indication of prices yet?
Fantastic, Jas! Have you got this season's scarves yet?
  Depends on the cardigan and the sweater in question. Either in fine merino wool would be thin enough to wear with a suit. Either in an Aran knit style wouldn't.
 It really is a bargain. NOT an April Fool's joke.
 P Johnson is also having a one off 50% discount on all suits ordered today.  More info.
 Just make sure he doesn't lace your drink with an upper and make you buckle over. If you polish it, you might end up with a tear in the calf and feeling like a horse's arse. I hope you're not easily suede.
 He just wants to look into your sole.
 I'd love to read out that sentence to a bunch of strangers and ask them what they think it means  Who's Carter? Why are you calling him/her fat? What did Carter ever do to you? Is kopping painful?  
 Mine shipped recently and I'm looking forward to getting it soon. How's the leather?
New Posts  All Forums: