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The fabric is a 320g Donegal by Caccioppoli and the suit was made by a local outfit - Patrick Johnson Tailors. What else would you like to know?
 It's 320g/m - doesn't feel heavy at all.
 @EliodA, I never mind you saying anything - your intent is always good  To be frank, I need to drop some weight to get back to where I was but it's partly because I seem to have this bad habit of sticking out my chest when camera timer is about to go off. This is another view of the jacket where I don't think it appears tight: Still, I'll pass judgement once both the jacket and my body settle down  
Really happy with this suit  - thank god for the colder weather!  
I feel the need, the need for TWEED!  
If you have a chance . Try the White Oak Akashi single malt. Wonderful and to me, on par with the Hibiki 17.My go to is the Yamazaki 12 but I managed to get a bottle of the 18 and that's a nice drop but tastes stronger.
Thank you for your kind words. The fabric is from Caccioppoli but I don't know who the original maker is.
Well, he WAS getting his Pantas in a twist ...
Ah, so it's a moral issue!
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