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 Very nice combo and that jacket is awesome!
Field Jacket Sunday:     (Trenery field jacket, J Crew vest, indigo-dyed Brooks Brothers OCBD, Orslow jeans, RM Williams boots)
 You really do flatter me! Thank you for the very kind words!
I will put up the poll in about twelve hours time so keep those entries coming!
Very nice but did you mean to post that in another thread?
Off to the market this morning:     Laboureur work jacket, Saint James jumper, Epaulet flannel shirt, Brax trousers, Christian Kimber chukka boots, Henry Carter donegal cashmere cap.
           Thank you all so much for the kind words. The inspiration for this one is @Parker's iconic fit but earthier. I'm really glad you all like it!
My entry:  
The new challenge is up!
   I love both your ideas but in the interests of getting things back on track, I'm going with @Cleav's suggestion.  Done - http://www.styleforum.net/t/523939/friday-challenge-may-27-2016-freestyle-friday/0_30
New Posts  All Forums: