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Thanks! They're the Orslow 107 Ivy one wash jeans.
Casual Monday:  
 Thanks. I don't have an issue with it but don't want it to fall apart.
No, they're Brecons.
 Ah, yes - flower power! The 'scarf' is actually old pieces of indigo-dyed fabric (from the early 1900s) sewn patched together. The stitching between two of the patches is coming apart so I need to stitch it up again.
 I would if I knew what that meant. To me, it conjures up visions of long hair and tie-dye t-shirts. Can you clarify what you mean?
It's definitely because I have it open like that.
In a bandanna belt:     (Blue Blue Japan jacket, vintage scarf, Edwin henley, Up There Store trousers, CHUP socks, Paraboot shoes, bandanna belt by Jonathan at The Bandanna Almanac)
In a bandanna belt:  
An A-2 Day:  
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