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Blue Christmas:  
  The colours are fine but the jacket is too short and too tight for him. The bottom of the jacket should be close to his seat and the X where his jacket is buttoned indicates it's too tight. This article has more information on fit. A navy blazer is a good thing. Instead of navy chinos, I'd consider grey wool trousers. The blazer will go with both pairs. The shirt could be white or light blue.  The shoes are fine but I'm not a fan of the labeling on the outside. You could...
 This is really nice and I'm going to use this for inspiration in the colder weather.
 Really nice CPO! Where is that from?
 Nice work! Your casual style is great just like your CBD stuff.
 Thank you very much for your suggestion! I'd never have known about Shoes Like Pottery otherwise.
    EG jacket and shirt Orslow fatigues Shoes By Pottery sneakers (took your advice, @LA Guy )
Kicking Back:  
 At the same time, the trunk shows are always filled with people making orders and most times I've been in there, there have been one or two other customers buying a pair of shoes. They're getting constant sales and repeat customers.
I'm selling these garment-dyed brownish-olive cotton Berg and Berg trousers - Size 50 new with tags for AUD100 plus postage and made in Naples for Berg & Berg/   Measurements (in cm) are as follows:   WAIST RISE THIGH ANKLE INSEAM 90 24,5 30,5 19,0 93,8   If you want to pick them up from the Melbourne CBD, that's great as well..       Hit me up if you're interested.
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