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EG Bedford on a winter day:  
Engineered Garments Bedford Thursday:  
I really like the lighting, the dimple and the little pop of colour from the square. What I like best is the way the fold of the square turned out with that little row of squares.  
Herringbone again:  
 There's also https://www.woolovers.com.au/mens/cardigans which is pretty good value but I've had to size down with their stuff. I forgot to mention that I have a John Smedley cardigan as well and it's noticeably finer than the others. That said, I don't have any pilling issues with any of my cardigans. There have been several complaints about the quality of Uniqlo cardigans over on the Aussie thread but I've had no problems with them. I have a lambswool cardigan from...
 I wear my dinner suit with a pair of plain toe wholecuts that I've polished to a high shine - I also wear them with suits, I don't wear my dinner suit enough to justify having patent leather shoes.
 Thanks! It's made by Passotti with a single stick tiger-eye maple stick and a blue camouflage canopy. I've put some pictures up at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/134458262987/new-umbrella-by-pasotti-you-can-read-more-in  I get them from various places. This one is from Uniqlo as are  a number of others, I have a couple from Berg and Berg and my orange cardigan is from J Lindeberg. I have a few shawl collared cardigans as well (two from Hackett and one from The...
Blue, brown and grey with a bit of colour:  
 Well, FWIW, I didn't read it as a dis at all.
Another A-1 Day:  
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