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Finally got round to ordering one of the cashmere caps from Jason. Can't wait!
Casual Friday:     Aside from the belt (Andersons from Italy and the C&J boots), everything else is Japanese by coincidence    Vest - Eternal (via Rakuten) Jacket - Ring Jacket A1 Shirt - Kamakura OCBD Jeans - Uniqlo
Got my package and it was a real pleasure dealing with you - regular follow upas and everything was very well packed. You are someone who is passionate about this and it shows. Thank you so much for the samples. Once I've had a chance to live with the scents, I'll have a better idea for my next order - yes, there will be a next order :)
Still monochrome:  
Congrats, @Cleav ! Your turn to name the next challenge 
 It said double-breasted when I checked it 15 minutes ago. They must have just changed it.
 Even if I didn't know it was your photo, that's the one I would have voted for. Good photo and good luck!
 Is Caustic Man your sock puppet?
 Got a link? I can't find anything on the site. Something like this? 
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