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I'm trying it that way today. Did you mean with the knot up close to the neck or worn somewhat looser?
Yeah, I agree but it was the longest they offered so that's what got.
Nah, it was still in NY yesterday according to the table. I'm sure it will get here sometime next week - at least I know it's on the way. Up till yesterday (2 April), the Track and Trace page only showed this:   March 19, 2014 Electronic Shipping Info Received  
USPS is 'amazing'  (this is en route to Australia):   DATE & TIME STATUS OF ITEM LOCATION April 2, 2014 , 11:38 am Arrived at Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)  April 2, 2014 , 11:38 am Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)  April 1, 2014 , 10:31 pm Processed at USPS Origin Sort...
Something different - my new Vanda Samurai scarf in Japanese cotton:     So good.
  I have one from Panta that's very similar to those  Can't wait to see the whole collection!
  Wrong. You're not addressing the point and trying to use a strawman argument.  Asking for a single email to everyone when the lead times for all orders have been extended does not equate to someone doing full time customer service. The point is that the lead time for all orders was extended. When you know that's the case, send out one email to the group. That takes about 10 minutes. People would pay a little extra for 10 minutes of customer service, amirite?   
I think it should be a straightforward process of notification and setting expectations with customers. I put my order in more than twenty weeks ago. When I checked at the twenty week mark, I was told that it would take a few more months because they faced some unexpected issues that pushed back the completion dates for jackets in progress. That's fine with me but if I hadn't asked, nobody would have said anything. My question is this: when a company has an event that...
Let us know when they go up Any indication of prices yet?
Fantastic, Jas! Have you got this season's scarves yet?
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