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Field jacket weekend - Day 3:  
It's a field jacket kind of weekend!  
Got the blues, Can't be satisfied ...  
 I've got a pair of Carmina DMs in calf and the Inca last is very comfortable if you have a wider forefoot (as I do). The Lowndes on the 348 is narrower.
Cool! I've got a pair of the burgundy hi tops that I've yet to wear.Where's the top from?
Would this qualify?     Edit: This is my entry. Thanks, @EFV 
 I loved Hiroshima and Miyajima - the friendly deer on the island were a highlight.
Thanks. Probably one will in Tokyo and two weeks elsewhere but haven't decided where yet. I was there two years ago in autumn and loved it. For that trip, I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. I'd like to explore some other areas this time but hope to again catch the autumn foliage.
That's right, Alfred Sargent for NMWA.
 Yeah ridiculous! That said, I'm headed to Japan for three weeks in November and wanted to get a notebook so I could process and upload my photos while I'm overseas. It's to be light and portable but also able to handle Lightroom 5. Any recommendations?
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