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Ralph Lauren Marlow plain toe bluchers in dark brown shell. US10.5D.
 You probably didn't mention the secret codeword. Next time you write to him, end the mail with '#doyouevenliftbro' or even '#DYEL'. He will find the joke hilarious and reply immediately.
Also looks like there's some collar gap in the first pic.
  That's great news, Greg. I'm not trying to imply that you guys are profiting on the shipping. Based on my prior dealings with NWMA and going by what I know of you, making any profit on the shipping cost is the last thing I would expect. What I'm wondering is whether Epaulet has some kind of arrangement that allows them to offer shipping at the price they do. In any case, I look forward to the changes.
The stuff you guys have is really awesome  and I would love to buy more from NWMA but to be honest, the international shipping makes it difficult most of the time. You need to email the store, get a quote, they invoice you via Paypal and the USPS cost seems pretty high - double the cost of somewhere like Epaulet.   Are there any plans to simplify this going forward?
 Maybe it's accessed via a wormhole. 
Maybe Drew's getting our refunds from another TOJ since he seems to have run out.
 I grabbed these:  I missed out on them previously and am really happy to have been able to grab a pair this time. Kyle has been really great to deal with.
Now that they see that Jimmy Hoffa ordered it, everyone's jumping onboard!
 With that, Oud is a go! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!
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