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Still feels like winter:  
 I prefer the blue as well.
Chocolate Suede:  
PSA: Henry Buck's now have their outlet store in the shopping centre next to Southern Cross station. 
 Not as far as I can tell. There's more information about the leather at https://www.laportegna.com/leather-briefcase-fat-carter
 As @Foxhound mentioned, I have a La Portegna Fat Carter which I got from NWMA. This is it after 16 months of daily use:  This was when it was new:  With the optional strap:
Goldie and me:     Ebbets Field, Vetra, Bleu De Paname, Up There, Common Projects
 Thanks, man. It's a herringbone cotton jacket by Vetra. This is the one: https://uptherestore.com/brands/vetra/workwear-jacket-navy-overdyed-herringbone-1
These entries are excellent! Well done to all of you. I can't decide who to vote for because I think that all of you deserve a vote.   Very well done!
Goldie and Me:
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