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The closing date has changed back to 2014 now.
  I didn't even notice that!
 Exactly right, @Coxsackie! Only thing is that it's got a 2 second timer so I have to be holding it in the shot most of the time :)  You noticed, huh? I was walking around like a Prince all day!  
OCBDs and knit ties, Scotchgrain and flannel - these are a few of my favourite things   [[SPOILER]]
It's the Fat Carter from La Portegna and I got mine from No Man Walks Alone.
 Lucky you! I'm in the same boat as Murl and Stitch! The less she spends the happier she is.
@spectre is putting together a proposal, I believe. The minor technicality is that he hasn't got his tux yet.
Thank you! The leg opening is 8".
Marlows with a twist:  
 Thank you. I agree with your thoughts and it's something to keep in mind for next time.
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