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 I can do Tuesday but can't stay for long - house guests.
 Thanks! They're C&J (for Ralph Lauren) Marlow wingtips in shell.  Thank you! Great looks, as always, @Cotton Dockers - I'm saving that Blue Blue Japan one for future inspiration :)
In an autumn mood:  [[SPOILER]]
 Even at $60, it's pretty good.
 Thanks Gus! I completely agree - my white and navy long sleeve polos get a lot of wear in the warmer weather. As you say, though, the collar is key.
A long sleeve polo is great when you don't want to wear a tie:  
 Let us know when you're down in Melbourne again. We're overdue for a catch up!
 It's a lovely watch but looks disproportionately large on your wrist in that photo. If it truly makes you happy, though, then you shouldn't worry about that.
Blue suede and white jeans:   [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you. The draft took an hour or so. I had a friend giving me feedback so I would go back and incorporate that. Ultimately, it took a few hours spread over three days. The pictures were a selection from my tumblr blog.
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