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 FWIW, you got my vote - really great fit and one that is inspiring.
Cool(ish) Autumn Morning:     (Baldassari (for Henry Bucks) suede jacket, Engineered Garments Shirt, @Henry Carter scarf, Boglioli trousers, Crockett and Jones Marlow shoes)
Same reason for me as well.
 Thanks so much! I'm really glad I got it!
Casual Friday:         (P Johnson Tailors jacket, Berg and Berg cardigan, Kamakura shirt, Orslow jeans, Christian Kimber boots) 
 You're too kind 
  EG Bedford and 19th C Shirt, Woolover vest, Orslow jeans, Alden black shell LWBs
 I bought a secondhand Beaufort off eBay and didn't size up or down. YMMV and I'm sure others who've bought one recently can provide better info.
Working From Home:       (Engineered Garments Bedford jacket and button-down collar shirt, Woolover woolen vest, Orslow jeans, Alden black shell longwing shoes)
New Posts  All Forums: