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The new challenge is up!   @Claghorn , fall colours would be most appropriate ...
The challenge is a simple one - show off your suede. Whether it's suede jackets, suede belts or suede loafers, show us how it's done! You don't have to wear a suit and tie but your outfit should be at least one that could be posted in the WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style thread. The rules:- Outfit has to be worn this week.- At least one element of your outfit has to be suede. I will allow jackets with suede elbow patches as long as the patch(es) are clearly shown in...
Marlows are still going strong:  
 Thanks, @jcmeyer ! The next challenge will go up in a few hours. I'm keeping it a mystery for now but it will work for all four seasons.
Double denim and chambray:           Shirt: Owen & James Vest: Sugar Cane Jeans: Orslow Shoes: C&J Marlow for Ralph Lauren
Double denim with a dash of chambray:  
 Maybe even water off a duck's bag.
 This: and a Fox tube umbrella with a green canopy, the same colour as @foxhound's.:
I predict I will finish in the top four in this one.   @Shen , why can't we vote for you?
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