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Thanks, Pliny! The trousers are a shade lighter than air force blue and the jacket is a navy hopsack fabric.
Thanks! The tie is a blue Donegal will tie from Vanda Fine Clothing and great for the cooler weather.Details are:Jacket: BoglioliShirt: Henry CarterTie: VandaPS: DrakesCardigan: UniqloTrousers: BespokeShoes: Crockett and Jones Westfield
I can't post one via my phone but I've got one on my menswear blog in my signature.
That's a great tie! Who is the maker?
Ton Sur Ton:  
Very cute! Congrats, man!
It ends later today. In the next few hours.
Indeed! He's been doing a stellar job.
Betelgeuse is going to take this one!
 Even if you don't go outdoors and take the pic, why don't you take a full outfit pic indoors? How much more effort is it going to be to put the jacket on?
New Posts  All Forums: