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That looks like an m43 or an m51. I still prefer Aspesi's version. http://wax-wane.com/2013/09/18/aspesi-m-65-a-lesson-on-buying-the-right-thing/
 Topy stops the wood from breathing - what if you happened to end up with asthmatic trees that died because you topy'd them? How would you feel then? Huh? Huh? Huh?
A short chuckle for a brief case?
 Thanks for that - it's meant to be a more refined replacement for my Filson 256. Not an urgent requirement but more a 'nice to have'.   Hi PoP, I completely understand. I know our needs may differ and it's your opinion on aesthetics but I think you have pretty good taste and was curious as to what your preference was. The Filson I have suits me well but I wanted to see what other all-leather options were available. I'm not a fan of stiff briefcases - I'm after something...
What kind of case appeals to you then?
 Wow! A fitting end to a fantastic season. Wow! By the way, thoughts on this briefcase?http://www.laportegna.com/collections/what-s-new/products/fat-carter-office-bag#.Ux0pwym9LCQ 
 Thank you! It's one of the most beautiful briefcases I've seen. Going to save up to get one!
Great write up! Which is the briefcase in the second picture? I couldn't find it on the website.
I think those are the most beautiful Calf tassel loafers I've seen. If I was after a pair, that's what I would get.
I've heard a saying that blue and green should never be seen but I really like that outfit! I've got a green corduroy suit that I can't wait to wear as the weather over here gets cooler.
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