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Autumn colours with my new tote:       Suit: P Johnson Vest: J Crew Shirt: Kamakura Square: Drake's Tie: Vanda Fine Clothing Shoes" Crockett and Jones Lindrick boots
 @CraftsmanCo might be just the place to get one made then 
 Yes, Carmina chukkas on the Soller last - perfect for wider feet but the last still looks elegant.  Blue suede A-1 made by Baldassari for a local store. The webbing is a lighter blue but the lighting makes it look purple. It's a lovely jacket and I'm very glad I got it.
Thanks! They're made by Carmina on the Soller last.
Thank you! The jacket is by Baldassari for a local store and the trouser fabric is a think brushed cotton. Almost like moleskin.
The blue suede A1 is by Baldassari for Henry Buck's (a local store)Right back at you, my friend! Thank you for the very kind words!
 Thanks for the kind words! There is a lot of awesome fits in this thread that give me inspiration - Chocsosa, CruzAzul, Caustic Man, Chulillo, Cotton Dockers and also a number of people whose usernames start with letters other than 'C'   The dark brown suede chukka boots are by Carmina - nice if you want something dressy. I have a pair of Kimber boots that I would wear more casually.
Not sure if this fits in here or the other thread so posting in both 
I don't have a formal jacket from my country so I hope this works instead:
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