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Thanks for the kind words!
 Well, I say that if you're going to steal, you may as well steal from the best 
Looking Pitti-ful (xFC):       The @EFV tribute shot:
     Thank you all!
What I would wear at Pitti:         Overcoat worn as shawl - check Hat - check Peccary gloves (stuffed nonchalantly into overcoat chest pocket) - check Umbrella - check Wristband (camo) - check (not on wrist but used to keep the umbrella rolled nice and tight - I'm sure Lino would approve) Funky scarf - check     Since @EFV can't enter :  
Well done, Foxhound!!!
Ah, the plot for Taken 4.
  Are you asking Greg to lower his pants?
Ralph Lauren Marlow plain toe bluchers in dark brown shell. US10.5D.
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