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   Sorry, man, I couldn't wait. I saw one come up for sale and had to have it! 
I don't have a gun check jacket yet but am very keenly looking for one in beige with a blue overcheck like the one owned by @Anden above.
Not quite Ivy - I'll call this Try-vy:     Tie by Conrad Wu, Handkerchief by Kent Wang   I'm in the Wu Wang Clan.
 The shoes look good AND the photos came out well. I think you've found a good setup 
 Yes, it was happening during the Wear For Success event - you might have missed the announcement during the speeches. A few guys were checking things out - California Dreamer, Pink Socks and myself among them. 30% discount throughout the store and larger discounts for the previous season's stock. I bought the tie and trousers after the WFS event and went back the next day and bought another pair
 Someone told me they were really great and then I went to this dinner and TWO of the guys were wearing them and raving about them. You picked up a pair, you say? How do you like yours?
 Any of them on the site?  Could those guys reserve any for you? In other news, I'm stoked to have gotten a couple of pairs of Boglioli trousers and this purple Drakes grenadine tie in the current Henry Bucks sale: 
 What he said was "I have no illusions that for a normal person I have a small wardrobe,", i.e. he doesn't believe that his wardrobe is small compared to a normal person which is also what you said above  
 You had something to do with it as well, mate.
 Yep, navy double-breasted in Huddersfield birdseye - soft shoulders, peak lapels, welted pockets on chest and hips and single pleated, cuffed trousers with side adjusters and brace buttons. I had some requests about the button placement and jacket waist and they had no issues even though their standard pattern would have to be slightly adjusted. Having Oscar the tailor there meant that I felt safe in explaining exactly what I was after knowing that he would understand how...
New Posts  All Forums: