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 I went with a M which is my usual size (I wear a size 40 suit jacket). It feels comfortable without being too loose or tight. It's not tightly knitted like a Shetland knit and I would recommend them if you can get them on sale. 
 Out of curiousity, why do you ask and why does the answer matter to you?  Australia's a big place. It's been between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius most of this winter and I run cold so yes, I want all the layers. I've also worn (unseen) long sleeve merino wool t-shirts under my shirts at different times. I also like to put together the outfits but I wouldn't if I wasn't comfortable wearing it. What you don't see in my last photo is the parka I was also wearing that I took off...
 Ok, here goes: Jacket: Engineered Garments grey herringbone Bedford jacketJumper: Inis MeainShirt: KamakuraTrousers: Howard Yount lamb flannel trousersTie: High Tied (a local brand but likely made by Nick Bronson in Italy)Socks: UniqloShoes: Crockett and Jones Brecon chukka boots in grain leather Needless to say, I love the winter weather!
Bedford Day:  
When does the poll end?
Blue, beige and burnt orange:  
 They're from a local brand called Trenery. I got them on sale but it looks like they have something similar: https://www.trenery.com.au/shop/menswear/shoes/boots/60189973/Ford-Desert-Boot.html
Casual Sunday:  
 Where's the best place to get it? I used to have a v-neck and lost about 20kg so it was way too big. I loved it so much that giving it away was very, very difficult. 
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