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I don't know if it's online yet but they've definitely received their shipment. If it's not up on the site, it will be soon.   I took the photos off the La Portegna website.
Finally bought something from NMWA - the La Portegna 'Fat Carter' briefcase:     Very excited and can't wait for it to get here!
Guys, it's just water Under The Bridge now.
Well done! Both he and Pink Socks will be well pleased to hear that!
I've ordered three pairs of HY trousers off the website with no issues. Hope your order goes smoothly.
Yeah, strange to see fxh in a wife beater, shorts and triple monks without socks!
Nabil is absolutely right.
It looks more like a chain for a trucker's wallet (Flat Head, Red Moon, etc.) rather than something to be used for more formal wear.
Thanks, Greg. I'll email you soon.
Any idea of the price of the Fat Carter from NMWA? It's not on the site yet.
New Posts  All Forums: