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  The new Capri boots are awesome!
 This time next year, they'll be millionaires ...
Spring is here:  
 That's a shame. I find it hard to pick a favourite out of the boots I have but this is very close.
 I'd say they fit TTS but on the wider side.
The trousers are blue-grey cotton by Boglioli and the bootss are by Christian Kimber x Eidos. They are made from rough out suede and have an unlined shaft. They are extremely comfortable. They are from his latest collection.
An A1 Day:  
 @The Ernesto, these are his new details:  It's off Lonsdale St near William St and in the lane opposite Ludlows..
 Thanks for the kind words! Those are the Paraboot Michael shoes and I was inspired to get a pair after seeing @Cotton Dockers in his.
 Thanks! They're the Paraboot Michael shoes in grain leather. Great for fits like this one.  It's one by ts(s) that I got off Rakuten. It's a really cool piece that I'm looking forward to wearing since it's just become spring over here.
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