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Very nice fit, @jcmeyer, I like all of it. That tie is something special, huh?
Nah, definitely Danny Zuko:
Thanks to all who keep this thread going. JCM, brilliant job on the last post and also on that outfit a few posts above.
 Wow! Thank you. The knit was only tucked in a little (at the front) :)
 Raw denim, Uniqlo flannel shirts, black boots or sneakers, and leather jackets.
Thank you! Yes, autumn and winter are the best times for sure!
    (RRL jacket, Unknown brand jumper, Kamakura shirt, Orslow jeans, Carmina saddle shell boots)
 You're too kind, man! I'm glad that people enjoy my outfits - I do enjoy putting them together :)  I wouldn't have thought about blue till a good friend pointed it out to me. It's not the first colour that most people think of for a suede jacket but it is really versatile - I can wear it with most chinos or denim. The blue suede makes it stand out in a good way. If you see one, you should get it - not that easy to find at a good price but very useful!
  Finally got my own tote!
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