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  It looks like that's what's happening now and it's a good thing. There's surprisingly a lot less vitriol than I expected and hopefully, people start getting their jackets soon. I hope that the lines of communication stay open like this.
Drew, this is good news. Please keep us posted.   I'm keen to know whether I'm getting a refund or my jacket out of this.I've already sent you a detailed email with the old subject and with a new one in case the other one got lost.   Thanks, Gerry
 This is probably your only option: 
 Yes, I'd be interested in knowing this as well.
 They got slammed when they tried to do a Reddit AMA - http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1xwngb/we_are_nish_jan_stephanie_and_chris_from/?sort=top The company then claimed it was unauthorised.
I can only echo what Eliod has said. The OP pretty much says it all.    Lighting is key Find a setup that works well for you and keep using that (once you find what works, you can always experiment but at least you have a baseline to come back to.) No shame in trying to copy the styles of selfies you like - that's how you learn. If you don't yet do any processing of your pictures then now is the time to learn. Get Google Picasa (which is free) and experiment. The...
Depth of field is like reverb - some is good but not too much.   Now I just need to practise what I'm preaching 
 I got a set of horn buttons from them last year and there were no issues. Their customer service was very good.
Fxh, let us know if you need bail: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/03/16/15/36/police-put-their-foot-down-and-catch-a-mysterious-melbourne-shoe-thief
  Just my view but the trousers and jacket sleeves look too long and the shoulders look slightly too large on that jacket. The colour combination looks very nice and the shoes look good as well.
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