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I've had one at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com for awhile now but have only just started posting what I feel is valuable content. It's all menswear related and mostly original with a few reblogs here and there of things that I like.   I'd posted the stuff onto my photography blog previously but after a few appearances on the radar, my followers were there because of the photographic content. I felt that the menswear stuff didn't really belong there and decided to give...
  Here you go!  http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/95510388527/quilted-jackets-i-own-a-brown-barbour-liddesdale  After I got mine, my wife tried to steal it and then compromised when I promised to order one for her as well.
  That might get your head taken off your shoulders.
  Too kind, in stitches, too kind!
  Thanks, in stitches. Glad you liked it!
Thank you very much @MGoCrimson. Glad you enjoyed them.
Carmina double monks on the Inca last:  
An older Vanda tie and cream silk pocket square:  
Pliny, thank you! You're absolutely right. It's a Vanda. So is the pocket square but I'd be surprised if *anyone* guessed that! 
Weekend wear:  
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