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 Thanks, man! I'm really glad I got this one. A little different from the browns we usually see.  Thanks! The cool thing about that scarf is the number of colours so it can show a number of different things. I find that when I wear it, I need to tone everything else down to keep the balance.  Welcome back!!! Thanks for the kind words. I have to say I'm getting more comfortable with the casualwear side of things these days. Great outfit, by the way. I plan to use it for...
 Thanks! They're on the Simpson and I got them from American Tailors a year or so ago.
 I see we're both ready to hit the Parisian streets (and sweep them).
 I'm trying to be casual about this 
Thanks! It's not a cord jacket but some kind of open weave woolen fabric.
Shades of blue and brown:  
Thanks for the likes, everyone!   If you're interested, wear some suede and enter the new Friday Challenge. 
New challenge is up!
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