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RL Marlows and green tweed:  
RL Marlows:  
RL Marlows:  
 Thanks! When the light is better and the weather is cool(ish) 
So I just got this from P Johnson - green Donegal tweed. The second picture better illustrates the colour:  
My green Donegal tweed suit - the light wasn't good when I got home. The fabric really needs to be seen properly and the light wasn't doing it any justice. I wasn't happy with most of the shots but I think these came out quite well:  
 Great idea but poor @EFV won't have anything to wear!
I like the experience of buying things Seriously though, I agree with this. Getting photographs (that I'm happy with) of the experience is the icing on the cake.For me, my trip to Japan and taking the photos there, gave me an immense amount of satisfaction compared to anything I've bought.
And I jumped on the bandwagon. Sorry!
Congrats, @SeamasterLux ! Outstanding outfit. I couldn't help but give you one of my votes.
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