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  You're very welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing the results!
 Very nice! I'm looking forward to wearing mine later this week.
 Thanks! I'd been looking for one like that for a long time and fine spotted it on eBay. It's by Man 1924.
After being in Malaysia and Singapore for a week, I'm inexplicably glad for the cold weather in Melbourne:  
I was in Singapore recently and dropped by the new workshop for Vanda - really great and a nicer space than where they were before:     I picked up this large paisley madder tie (on the left) which I'm really looking forward to wearing since we have a lot more cold weather left in Melbourne (photo from the Vanda blog):     Here's a tip - if you're looking for something *really* nice for a lady in your life, you will not go wrong with anything from Arete Goods -...
Well done!
@anden races to the lead! Will anyone else catch up? Only time will tell ...
The poll is now open for the Friday Challenge
The poll is now up!
New Posts  All Forums: