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You definitely like your shoes!Still, that's not what I'd do with topy but to each his own ...
I agree. The tie and PS look fine.By the way, Anden, what catalogue were your photos for?Whatever it is, I'm buying!
I don't care about anything else now. I got a Jury Prize!!!!!!Woohoo! Thank you, Clags!
Thanks, Mr Stitches!
The second one. The first suit seems to be wearing you and not the other way around.
I like the jacket and the tie but would consider using a lighter coloured shirt. The one in the picture looks very similar to the trousers. Maybe even use some mid-grey trousers instead. Pretty great for an introductory post!
Vanda Fine Clothing for lapel flowers and P Johnson for other lapel decorations.
Actually, second place is good - all the recognition but no work required Go and find those followers, unbelragazzo, and get then to come back here and vote.
Is that such a bad thing, fxh?
Don't forget that they might draw lines on your crotch for no apparent reason.As for your posting of photos, I've certainly drawn inspiration from your combinations By drawing inspiration, I mean copying what you wore and then walking around like a boss for the rest of the day.
New Posts  All Forums: