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 Thanks for the kind words! Those are the Paraboot Michael shoes and I was inspired to get a pair after seeing @Cotton Dockers in his.
 Thanks! They're the Paraboot Michael shoes in grain leather. Great for fits like this one.  It's one by ts(s) that I got off Rakuten. It's a really cool piece that I'm looking forward to wearing since it's just become spring over here.
  Ts(s), Uniqlo, Up There Store, Anonymousism, Paraboot
 I'll give it a shot! 
Up There will only get their stock in October, I think. This one is from Blue In Green Soho.Thanks for the kind words.
 Sorry, I forgot to say. Yes, it's the Melton wool Ring Coat.
  Kapital, Up There Store. Christian Kimber, old Japanese indigo-dyed patchwork scarf.
The Kapital Ring Coat - I love this!    
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