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    Thank you both for the kind words - it was made by Oscar Hunt Tailors and I have to say I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.
 Thank you! @Oscar Hunt did a fantastic job on this and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. That is indeed the tie :)
Thank you!
 Thank you! It's a light navy from the Huddersfield collection but not a fine worsted. The fabric has some texture up close similar to a birdseye which I really like.
 Thank you! Yes, it's the first outing and my first DB suit 
Just picked up my double-breasted suit from Oscar Hunt and I'm a happy chappy!    
The first wearing of my OH DB suit - the jacket sleeves are the right length but the shirt sleeves had ridden up. Jules, Lachy and Oscar were great in the process and I would recommend a visit. I'm very happy with the fit and am looking forward to wearing it some more:  
I have slim-fit field jackets from TCNY and Trenery. The latter is probably what your looking for. I'm a 38-40 in the chest and I got a small which fits perfectly. It was also purchased during a sale at the time so may but be available now. Worth checking though.
 You seem obsessd with vents. Every single picture on your blog is of a vent.
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