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 Thank you very much!
Looks like Van Gogh is the choice of #menswear folk everywhere 
Duffle weather:  
I've used leather conditioning cream from time to time.
By going strong, I meant that it still looks a good as opposed to just holding up. I don't find it heavy at all. I was using a Filson 256 before this and that's definitely heavier.
My La Portegna Fat Carter briefcase after 16 months - still going strong and getting admiring comments!  
Casual Friday  
 Nice painting. Is it modern art?
Popped down to American Tailors this morning in between meetings and had a good chat with Tony and Sebastian. Some nice stuff there and as people have already pointed out, the C&J shoes are a real bargain. Picked up an Aster shirt with darkish blue Bengal stripes and it will be good for the summer months.
 That too!
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