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  Thanks for the photo and the mention, Andrew! Very nice write up and pictures - as usual.
PoP,    Well said! 
 Uniqlo over here is definitely more expensive than overseas but not enough to stop me buying from them here.
  How much would you expect them to cost?
I was on holiday when this arrived so I only just got to take some photos:     More pics at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/84588042617/la-portena-fat-carter-briefcase-exquisite
You're hot! Compliments.
 How can I unsee this?
What a great night it was!!Really good to catch up with everyone and the new HB store looks very good. Tempted to make my first non-sale purchase!
New solid wood acoustic guitars can, depending on the wood since the inside is unfinished. I doubt that sold body electric guitars would.
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