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New solid wood acoustic guitars can, depending on the wood since the inside is unfinished. I doubt that sold body electric guitars would.
Any recommendations for maintenance of the all leather Fat Carter briefcase? This is my first leather briefcase and is a real step up from my Filson 256. Do I need to condition the leather from the start or just after a few months of use?   It was raining today so the weather was no good for photos. I'll put some up when the light is better. This really is a thing of beauty!
He's back and will be at the Henry Buck's event 😃
 It's currently about a 35 weeks waiting period.
  Yes, very nicely written! Are those shoes the Peal and Co.oxfords?
So that's who's been stalking me and putting their hands on my shoulders!Very nice writing, by the way. Thank you for posting it.Stylish words. Compliments.
Beautiful taste. Compliments.
Beautiful shoes. Compliments. PS. Why are you posting about shoes in the fantasy fiction thread?
I'm in KL right now heading off to Sri Lanka tomorrow. Glad to hear the Suit Shop suit worked out well! I just realised that most of my wardrobe on this trip is from Uniqlo - linen shirts, polo shirts, socks, jeans and chinos. I'll be back before the Henry Buck's store relaunch and willl be there.
 Dark brown suede chukka boots.
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