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 What he said was "I have no illusions that for a normal person I have a small wardrobe,", i.e. he doesn't believe that his wardrobe is small compared to a normal person which is also what you said above  
 You had something to do with it as well, mate.
 Yep, navy double-breasted in Huddersfield birdseye - soft shoulders, peak lapels, welted pockets on chest and hips and single pleated, cuffed trousers with side adjusters and brace buttons. I had some requests about the button placement and jacket waist and they had no issues even though their standard pattern would have to be slightly adjusted. Having Oscar the tailor there meant that I felt safe in explaining exactly what I was after knowing that he would understand how...
Paid a visit to Oscar Hunt and I have to say I was impressed - the guys themselves are great but it makes a really big difference having a tailor on the premises.
Linen For Summer:  
More like white shirts with a pink stripe down one side.Good times, good times!
I'll give it to you for Christmas
Either will be good. I have the RX100 mk 1 which I love (traveled to Myanmar, Japan and Sri Lanka with it) and the mk III also has built in wifi. Ultimately, both the Sony and the Fuji are at the quality where it's more a case of what you do with the camera rather than the camera itself.Whatever you get, spend a few hours with it before you go off and get to know it well.If you do go with the Sony, get the Franiec grip to go with it.
 Exactly my size then. Just wish I needed a pair of black oxfords!
Here's a blast from the past:  
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