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For anyone who is wondering how the burnt orange knit compares to the older orange knit tie, this is for you:     I've put up a few more pictures at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/94896999922/ties-from-henry-carter-i-just-received-two-ties
I haven't seen many pictures of the Ring Jacket A-1 jackets being worn so I thought I would put some up at http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/94895743177/my-new-ring-jacket-a-1-this-blouson-by-ring  
Yes, I hear that the full leather jackets are good. Would love to see one in person someday ...
  I know what you mean - I quite like the collar but I'm not sure what that buttoned on part is in the fit pictures. 
Great price but too late for me by a week. If I hadn't just bought the Ring Jacket version, I would have snapped this up.
Not forgetting these ones:http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Designer/Lavenham/Navy-Denham-Quilted-Jacket-with-Corduroy.html
 On that note, I'll write a little about my recent experience with The Armoury in HK: I'd been eyeing those Ring Jacket A-1 blousons for quite some time now but had been holding off because they never had my size and it's also a fair chunk of change to drop on a casual non-leather jacket. Recently, though, they had some in my size - Alan was a great help in sorting out my size. I finally thought 'enough is enough', bit the bullet and put in my order for a one in navy like...
Very nice, CD!   It starts with Lang and before long, you'll be going all goth ninja on us ...
That's what I expected. I'm glad the burnt orange tie won't be duplicating the orange knit I already have.
I got the burnt orange knit and the brown/red challis.
New Posts  All Forums: