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Grey, Blue and Brown:  
Thank you! Yeah, the field parka is one of the pieces that make me smile everytime I put it on. I love it!
 Thanks! Although this might bring the bar down for some here  All Engineered Garments (field parka, 19th C buttondown shirt, ripstop fatigues) with Paraboot Michael shoes: 
My first all EG fit -    Field parka, 19 C buttondown shirt, ripstop fatigues:    
I've got a double-breasted suit from Oscar Hunt and I really like the fit I got. They did a really great job. Suit Shop is another option and I believe both will fit within your budget. As far as the suits being ethically-made, I couldn't answer one way or another. I didn't check. Neither of them strike me as companies that would use sweatshops, if that's what your concern was.
You're too kind! Thank you!
    Yes, some of it's from Japan via Rakuten but I've also bought from eBay and grailed. I got my grey herringbone wool Bedford from Up There.
 I prefer to think that you're ahead of your time. Beautiful outfit nonetheless!
Loving my Bedford!  
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