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Nothing comes to mind but I'm sure the Sydney folk will have some advice.
  Got anything helpful to say or do you want to keep acting like an ass?
Very nice! 
 Serious question: Do you think there is anything we can do to help remove the bottleneck for refunds?
 AAS got one of my votes as well. I really like his outfit.
No worries. You won't get a mirror shine but you should get a nice lustre.
 I wouldn't think so.
Nice shoes! A good polish and they'll look superb.
  Ok, here's what you do: Open up another window with the same thread In the second window. multi-quote all the entries and hit reply - the entries will be in the 'Reply' box below In the first window, click the 'edit this thread' link below the title and add the poll Copy the entries from the second window to the end of your opening post in the first window - this takes care of the entries Add a poll with the various entries Submit the post Hope that makes sense. 
Only if you want to. You look very elegant either way.
New Posts  All Forums: