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Still cold here but I love it!   Tweed and corduroy:
Thank you! It's made by Jamieson's.
 He had a good innings and the documentary gave him some recognition. Tomorrow might be a day for the French workman's jacket ...
Thank you! They're by Boglioli.
 You may be right but I'm wondering if black would go with the trousers as well.
Fair Isle time (Inspired by @Caustic Man) :  
 Thanks, Jas! I'm extremely happy with it. I've also added some muscle mass to my chest since I got the PJT kit so that's made a difference in how they fit now. Steve got me exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier.
Thanks, JM. it's inspired by the Drake's AW15 look book.
Thanks! There's more info about Steve at www.stevecalder.com.au
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