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So, this just arrived:     I already prefer this long sleeved polo to my Sunspel. The collar is beautiful!
Well, it might have put people off so no worries.
  That is indeed me with a Kimber square.
  Already??? Congratulations to you both!
 Absolutely right. Just one small correction it should be balmoral/oxford vs blucher :)
That first entry wasn't posted by @EFV though. @Anden posted it. Erik's only posted photo was the one of him with Lino.
 It was shocking to find out about this and you have my deepest condolences, TBM. You wrote a beautiful tribute to her.
 What he said. Also, get a stiff horsehair brush together with an old nylon stocking and then:Wipe down the shoes with a slightly damp (not wet cloth) Brush each shoe rapidly all over for a couple of minutes (they'll get a lustre at this point) Buff with the nylon stocking for the final shine        
 Nailed it!
@GMMcL, right back atcha! The FC is serious business, you know.
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