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Great combo, @Roycru !   Full force fair isle today:
Shirt jacket with tweed house slippers:  
 Based on this, you haven't done anything wrong at all. I hope you get an answer soon.
 Um, the one two posts above mine ... http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/field-jacket-11oz-heavyweight-canvas-scatter-camo
They definitely feel short to me but I have gotten round to doing anything about them yet. I've heard that Barbour can extend them for a fee.
 The Eidos piece is definitely a lot pricier even on sale. Very very nice, though The Epaulet jacket looks to be really good value and that camo is not in your face so it looks to be pretty wearable. I'm not sure why they would remove the hood but keep the zip on the collar. though.
Barbour Day:     This is easily one of my favourite pieces of knitwear and I find myself looking for the chance to wear it whenever I can. I find it goes with a lot of jackets and works well as long as the rest of the outfit is toned down to balance it all out.
@bienluienapris and @Cleav, thank you both for the kind words!
   Very close! They're Christian Kimber X Eidos field boots like these.
 Thank you. I couldn't believe it was on sale in my size at End Clothing recently so I had to get it. I'd not considered it till you mentioned it but it seems that there's some interest in my outfits so it might just be time to do something. There's a few threads on Reddit where my name has come up and this was one of the things mentioned so time to get on it!
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