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 Agreed. Just vote for the first couple and be done with it.
 The house brand for Marks and Sparks is/was St Michael but that's English not Australian.
 No way, man! He's a good friend and I would never dream of doing such a thing! NEVER! Also, they're two and a half sizes too small for me  
 They are indeed. I should have stated earlier that these are Christian's shoes, not mine. I only polished them up.
Christian Kimber x Eidos Napoli:  
Christian Kimber x Eidos Napoli:  
The rules state: "no blue suits, no grey suits, no blue or grey shirts, no ties in which blue or gray is the dominant color "   @in stitches and @An Acute Style both have qualifying fits 
We don't get the same dampness over here that I felt when I was living in England, even in the middle of winter, so I rarely feel that cold cutting right through the way it does over there. That might also be part of it. Perth and Brisbane are the two most popular places for the Poms and they are much warmer than Melbourne (I don't know if we even make the shortlist unless there's no option :)).
 It's a lot warmer north of Melbourne and temperatures in Darwin are tropical. It's a big place ... 
Cashmere, corduroy and suede:  
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