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Epaulet burgundy hopsack trousers in action:
 Thank you!!! They are burgundy hopsack wool trousers by Epaulet (details at http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-burgundy-hopsack-wool). The jacket is part of a suit made for me by Patrick Johnson Tailors. This is the full suit:
Trying out some burgundy trousers today:    [[SPOILER]]     Next time, I might try this with a more muted tie and perhaps a white linen pocket square. 
At least you're not annoy or irritate.
What have you got in a 40?
 He's just glad to see you ...
I'm still in the top four seven though.
I like it, @coxsackie!
Thank you. Shell and flannel go well together.
Thanks, Jas!
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