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  Thank you very much! I've been after a suit like this for a year or two now. I'm reallyglad that PJ was able to make this one for me. It took some time to discover where the fabric was from and then once I did, it all came together pretty quickly. They were able to get the fabric from the distributor in Italy and make the suit for me (it's not from one of the books that PJ have at hand). The idea was to do the same thing as my first suit from them - one that could be...
@Stiva, I actually didn't discuss that aspect with the PJ crew and it's an interesting question that I don't have a passion ok right now. They did tell me to give it sound time before getting any adjustments made as the fit would change a little over time. It's a work in progress but I'm happy for now. My intent was to be able to split the suit up and wear the jacket with denim, cotton or flannel trousers so that part will see a lot more use. TBM, thanks! @ryanohare,...
Thanks! You're right, though, but I'm going to give it a few more wears when I have the chance before taking it in. I
Thanks for the kind words. I'd seen the fabric in pictures and loved it but it took some detective work to source it I'm not a professional photographer but I do appreciate the question
The fabric is a 320g Donegal by Caccioppoli and the suit was made by a local outfit - Patrick Johnson Tailors. What else would you like to know?
 It's 320g/m - doesn't feel heavy at all.
 @EliodA, I never mind you saying anything - your intent is always good  To be frank, I need to drop some weight to get back to where I was but it's partly because I seem to have this bad habit of sticking out my chest when camera timer is about to go off. This is another view of the jacket where I don't think it appears tight: Still, I'll pass judgement once both the jacket and my body settle down  
Really happy with this suit  - thank god for the colder weather!  
I feel the need, the need for TWEED!  
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