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Still cold!  
Are my eyes playing tricks or are those two different pairs of shoes?   Shoes look good and good move on the half topy.    Your pictures look over exposed. Try taking some pictures in natural light where it's not overly bright or reduce the exposure (EV) setting on your camera.
 Good on you for posting. I'd recommend taking a look at the pictures on the following sites to get a feel for what colours work well together and then apply it to your own wardrobe. http://www.pikore.com/bluebrownandgreyhttp://www.pikore.com/britishstyle2012http://lnsee.tumblr.com/archivehttp://weareallalright.com/archive#_=_ Remember - baby steps 
  Alfred Sargent Charlton
Yet another cold day:  
I thought TV had it in the bag till I saw Coxsackie's entry. I really appreciate the accurate representation of both the bowing and the fingering hands as well as the facial expression and positioning. Excellent work!
Vested interest:  
I completely agree. Very well done!So what's the theme for the next contest?
It's an old Gloverall that I got off eBay a few years back. It's lighter than you'd expect as well.
 I see you've led an interesting life! Have you endorsed them for long?
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