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 Thanks - there's an injection that can cure it so I'll be off to get the cure in the Pun-jab.
 I read ten puns from that school and I thought at least one would make me laugh, unfortunately no pun in ten did.
 Thanks! I only wish I knew what I was doing right so I could keep doing it!!!  My wife wanted a double entendre for her birthday, so I gave her one.
Sad news with him, Percy Sledge and Ben E King all gone and BB King in hospice care.
Sometimes things happen and I've got no idea why - must be something to do with balance. Had a tough day at work yesterday but wake up to find that a photo I put up yesterday suddenly got close to 3000 notes on tumblr. I assume it's been featured on the radar (which seems to happen once or twice a year with my pics) but I still haven't got a clue as to why.     I'm grateful but a little bewildered 
 I have a secondhand cashmere turtleneck from Lord and Taylor (via an eBay round up poat on www.putthison.com last year). I also have a thin merino turtleneck from Berg and Berg but they don't appear to be selling them now. What about J Crew or Lands End? Here's some on Sierra Trading Post: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/s~turtleneck/clothing~d~5/mens-clothing~d~15/
 Awesome recognition, Matt!
What's the deadline?
Spring in autumn:    
Burgundy, grey and black:     Suit: Boglioli Shirt: Borrelli Tie: Henry Carter Square: E. Marinella Shoes: Carmina
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