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 Good stuff!
 What do you reckon - leave them unfolded and let them stack?
 Yeah, man, I'm stoked to have found a pair. I thought the kakishibu and sumi fabrics were incredibl but this is out of this world - I think it helps that I can't get enough indigo ...
 Not sure if you meant me but from 
Indigo and Sashiko:     (Blue Blue Japan, Kapital, Anonymous Ism, Christian Kimber)   The jeans are the Kapital Century Denim jeans (123S) in the Monkey Cisco cut.
  EG, Orslow, Blue Blue Japan, Christian Kimber x Eidos
  (Vetra, Drake's, Orslow, Christian Kimber, Uniqlo, Alden)
  (Vetra, Drake's, Orslow, Uniqlo, Alden)
Long time since I've posted here!  
Thank you. They're the Orslow 107 one wash jeans.
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