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Thanks, man! I don't have all that many suits but lots of ties, squares and shots provide very different looks.
  Patrick Johnson, Henry Carter (shirt), Post Imperial, my own indigo dyed cotton square, Crockett and Jones shoes
Japanese Workwear:     Blue Blue Japan jacket, Christian Kimber scarf, Aaron Cheung gloves, Omnigod shirt, Orslow jeans, Crockett and Jones Lindrick boots
 The secret is lots of green tea and not reading other clothing forums 
  Bedford and 19C buttondown
(Very) Casual Friday:  
 In my case it was how big the "V" was where the lapels met - some jackets have the lapels crossing much higher up the chest than others and my preference is to show more of the shirt and tie. E.g. vs  My preference is for the latter. Both are valid but you need to understand what you yourself like.
  Thanks, Stitchy! It gets addictive but really, once it's done, the maintenance is pretty easy.  Thanks! 'Lived in' beats the alternative   You definitely should. The right DB makes all the difference and you need to understand what you like in terms of the style.
Blue and Gold:     (Boglioli jacket, Henry Carter shirt and tie, Rubinacci square, Howard Yount trousers, Crockett and Jones shoes)
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