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 I'vw been waiting for a refund for the last five and a half weeks  
 Was that your shaver? Looks very good. I think today was on the borderline for wearing a chunky jumper. I'm wearing a shawl-collared cardigan today myself, As Matt said, try it with the shirt untucked. Also, mussing up your hair a bit would add to the loucheness of it all 
 Not everyone's experience will be the same, though. I've ordered 5 pairs of trousers from Howard Yount without a single issue (the most recent order being two weeks ago) but go on the HY thread and it's an entirely different story there.
Anyone watched a series called Forever?   In an early episode, they talked about hooked vents and in the latest one, Paul Stuart and Bernard Weatherill get a mention as plot points :)
Thanks, guys!
Very tasteful, Jas! (Before PoP gets in) - everybody brace yourselves!
That would be fantastic! Just the straight Colonia, please.
Any recommendations on where to get Acqua Di Parma Colonia?
Thank you so much! I'm speechless!Thank you!
He works hard for the money so you better treat him right!
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