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You sound like someone straight out of an Indian epic.
Great contest and excellent entries! I hope we see some more!
Claghorn, you and EFV are definitely in the top group. RDiaz, you are doing yourself a disservice. I am always trying but realistically, I think I hit the mark about 70% of the time.
3 as well. I'm biased towards blue overchecks though.
Open and tucked is my preference.Looks very good, by the way. Where is it from?
Lovely, Crat!
 This is what I was taking my cue from: http://putthison.com/post/14268100639/consider-buff-in-classic-mens-style-its-often It would definitely work with a white/cream summer suit, I'm sure.
Very elegant, @Pliny !
It's a cream kimono silk square that has waves on it.
I'm in the buff (tie) today:   [[SPOILER]]
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