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 Just make sure he doesn't lace your drink with an upper and make you buckle over. If you polish it, you might end up with a tear in the calf and feeling like a horse's arse. I hope you're not easily suede.
 He just wants to look into your sole.
 I'd love to read out that sentence to a bunch of strangers and ask them what they think it means  Who's Carter? Why are you calling him/her fat? What did Carter ever do to you? Is kopping painful?  
 Mine shipped recently and I'm looking forward to getting it soon. How's the leather?
 I completely agree with this!
 Wouldn't it depend on the individual's feet in question? Bal boots or any sort of bal are not the most comfortable shoe for someone with high insteps. A balmoral could work but would have to be designed with that in mind. I have slightly high insteps and find bluchers boots/shoes to be more comfortable than balmorals. That said, I'll definitely still be wearing my balmoral boots as we head into winter over here in Australia.
The one before. What I meant was "better not be walking around like this" otherwise he'd be competing with our steeziness and we'd have to 'sort him out', if you know what I mean!
 I know people are commenting about the outfit but keep in mind that this was taken at Oscar Hunt right after Foxhound picked up the jacket. He's just got a great looking new jacket and naturally wants to celebrate - let's share the guy's joy  With regard to the jacket itself, I think the fabric looks great and it's a nice brown jacket. It would look fine with grey, navy or khaki trousers. Very nice. As far as the outfit is concerned, the white collar might be mistaken for...
 For anyone who's interested, we're meeting at 5pm at State Of Grace (477 Collins St) tomorrow.
Good point, JM. I completely overlooked that.By the way, you're one of the most polite posters in the thread. I don't think you could be inappropriate if you tried.
New Posts  All Forums: