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Another Duffle Day:  
I didn't think I'd see the day but my photos made it onto the Kamakura site! I'm feeling pretty proud right now!   http://kamakurashirts.com/your-comments02/?gh160713
Lots of layers!  
An old favourite - I love this combination!     I only realised that the collar was askew after the photos were taken.
That's my navy wool A-1.
Well, I just pulled the trigger on a navy tote! Looking forward to receiving it - well, my wife is :)
Easy Sunday:  
Indigo Blue:  
 Thank you! I think that the reason that both suede and grain work well with cords is that they're textured. I've been struggling to work out what shoes went well with cords. The important thing, to my taste, is to also have some contrast in the shoes and the trousers so I would think that a snuff suede pair of boots would work better here than dark brown. So, texture for both trousers and shoes but contrast in the colours feels right to me.
Cold Day Comfort Clothes     The last time I wore this outfit, I had burgundy boots and it was too similar to the trousers. I think that this is a better pairing. I also think that the colour of these boots works better than a dark brown pair would have done in this outfit.
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