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 Thank you! I didn't know whether to post this here or in the casual thread. Glad you like it. The jacket is MTM and there's more information about Calder Official here. This is one of the first and I'm really happy with the result.  I'm sure there is and I'm mostly of that mind as well but in this case, I was inspired by Jason Jules in the Drake's AW15 lookbook: 
 The fabric is from Caccioppoli but made by Ariston.
Tweedy Tuesday:     In my new Calder Official jacket  - herringbone tweed fabric by Dugdale.
@blekit I like this outfit - the suit is a subtle canvas for the tie to act as a nice point of interest. Can't go wrong with the tv fold square or the black, cap toe oxfords either, Good job.
Monday Tweed:  
 Yes, so far, so good. If I had dipped it a few more times, the end result would have been darker but there wasn't enough time. I like what I ended up with though.  Sorry, man, If I do wear it again, I'll take one.
Voting is now open for the Friday Challenge!
Voting is open for the Friday Challenge!
Entries are closed and the poll is up!
 Very nice combo and that jacket is awesome!
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