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Yes, morning light is much better.
No, that photo was taken at the end of the day with dwindling light. If anything, I had to increase the exposure in post-processing.
  Thanks, Pliny. It's the latter. I'm afraid.
Ripping off Trying to be like @Prince of Paisley      [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I agree with that. They do look baggy and don't suit the outfit as well as I had hoped.Going forward, I probably wouldn't put my hands in my trouser pockets as it accentuates that pouf of material at the waist of the jacket and creates an unattractive silhouette.
Stitches got one of my votes.
 Thanks, that was exactly my thought when I put this together.
  Sounds awesome, Jas! I was fortunate enough to get a pair of (non-HC) peccary gloves and they are indeed awesome! I've had them for close to two months now and they have held up very well (as expected) - essentially, I look for any excuse to wear them. 
X-post from MC casual (trying to be like @EFV):
Inspired by @EFV  
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