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 Thanks, man! The flannel is perfect for the cold weather we're having right now.
  Took a few tries but I'm quite happy with this one in B&W.
 When I've gone in, it's been with Tom Riley. With the first two though, PJ weren't as busy as they are now and with the last suit, I was very lucky. Tom had said that he was too busy to do the fitting and surprised me by turning up at the first one. For subsequent fittings, it was Dan and he was really good to work with. If I went back, I doubt Tom would be available.
  What he said! Also, nice shine on the shoes, @mcobinad 
Inspired by @EFV, this is also for the black and white challenge*:       *I'm submitting my beard as the entry
@jcmeyer I agree! For some reason, Howard Yount had them on sale earlier in the year and I grabbed them as soon as I could.
 Thanks for your very kind words! I'm glad you like the colours. Regarding the cords, I got them in the summer and have been waiting for the opportunity to wear them - twice in the last week now :)   [[SPOILER]]
I don't think I've ever seen such a definitive win! I went back to look at your entry and it still took me a few looks to realise which was your photo and which was the one with Chaplin.   Well done, TV!! I called it first but to be fair, it wasn't hard to see how great your fit was 
 Ha! It took me ages to find it - it was in a lot of three vintage Marinella ties (back before they were called E Marinella). The other two aren't really that great but this was the one I was after so I grabbed the er, lot! The Armoury used to have something similar that was made by Drakes (which was what I was originally after):   Thank you very much! Yes, I remember you mentioned how you like it when the cardigan matches the trousers  Glad you liked it. Maybe next week,...
New Posts  All Forums: