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The poll is now open!
The poll is now open!
 You are right, JM. It's a Breton shirt although I do also have a telnyashka.
One hour left. If nobody else enters, we'll all be in the top ten finishers of this contest!   Yay, us!!!
#1 for ex My choice for exactly this reason.
  Thanks, iSurg. I got it from Oscar Hunt - made in Ecuador by a company called Don Belisario. For $99, it seemed like an ok deal. With the warm weather coming up, I can see it being worn a few times this week. I'm hoping it will start showing signs of wear sooner rather than later.
Testing out the new Panama Hat:  
  Testing out my new Panama hat 
I believe the quality hasn't changed. It's just that some of the post-Prada designs are less than classic. They are good shoes. @pink socks has a couple of pairs that look great.
Brilliant! The fit is spot on.
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