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Thanks, @Pliny!
Wool in summer? Heresy!   The tie is a wool challis from @Henry Carter and the square is also wool (from Baretta by E. Marinella).  
 I think this is excellent!
Totally! I wish that brim could snap down and that I had a proper wall.Right now, I'm a Tira-wannabe
I think so too and I'm glad that he's participating in the thread.
     Um, guys ...
 Thank you for the update but I'm not sure why I have to vent over here in this thread to get a response (of any sort). It seems you're in the dark as much as all of us and I'm sympathetic to that but the difference is that you're more likely to be able to contact Drew to get a response given that you are part of the company. We don't deal with Drew when we order the jackets, we deal with you. I appreciate you participating in the thread and giving whatever updates you...
New Posts  All Forums: