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 To be honest, I have no preference with regard to the quarters. What's your preference?
Linen and Shantung Revisited:   [[SPOILER]]
 I agree with the comment about the sleeves and legs. The problem with the suit is that it came with working buttonholes which makes the alteration more difficult. Still getting a feel for what works with the hat so forgive me :)  A little rougher than wool but wears very cool in the warm weather. Par for the course for linen, I would imagine.  Actually this Shanty is by Conrad Wu - I've also got one in brown and they're both great for the warmer weather.
A day for Shantung and linen:    
Alright!!!!! This is awesome! Congrats to the both of you!
You definitely like your shoes!Still, that's not what I'd do with topy but to each his own ...
I agree. The tie and PS look fine.By the way, Anden, what catalogue were your photos for?Whatever it is, I'm buying!
I don't care about anything else now. I got a Jury Prize!!!!!!Woohoo! Thank you, Clags!
Thanks, Mr Stitches!
The second one. The first suit seems to be wearing you and not the other way around.
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