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Actually, second place is good - all the recognition but no work required Go and find those followers, unbelragazzo, and get then to come back here and vote.
Is that such a bad thing, fxh?
Don't forget that they might draw lines on your crotch for no apparent reason.As for your posting of photos, I've certainly drawn inspiration from your combinations By drawing inspiration, I mean copying what you wore and then walking around like a boss for the rest of the day.
Consider swapping out the navy tie for a black knit or grenadine. Other than that, it all sounds um, sound.
You're in second place now, mate!
Thanks for pointing that out. It should be fixed now. It expires at midnight (GMT) on Monday, 20 October.
One day to go and we have Cleav in the lead with Coxsackie and EliodA very close behind!
Journeyman's got quite a bit of experience with them. I've got a couple of shirts and one of those linen jackets. The construction seems ok but they're too short in the sleeves for me (I did get them in Malaysia though). The jacket is the one I'm wearing in this pic:     It's fine for a casual sportscoat - unstructured and lined only in the sleeves. The buttoning point is a little high for my liking but again, it's fine for a throwabout piece.   Fitwise, I much...
 Got a link, iSurg? Found it :) http://bntailor.tumblr.com/post/100394282943/subskin-b-tailor-2pc-suit-in-dugdale-for-jh Looks very good!
 That's fair enough and I understand. When that happens, you wonder why you bother in the first place. People are very brave when they're behind a keyboard and not in front of you.
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