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  I like that!!!
 Bah! You just don't understand streetwear, dude!   Seriously though, fair enough. Those trousers will have to be worn some other way - maybe even tapered to wear with a sportscoat.
Nah, PoP, they're C&J Chiltern boots.
I got a suede A-1 jacket and swapped out the buttons for some horn ones from Hwa Seng. The off-white trousers are showing the creases as I'd been wearing them for some time when I took these pictures. I'm quite pleased with the result:        
 Posh Penguins is Pretty Perfect! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the new kit. In answer to your last question; not at all! I'm looking forward to more occasions where we can wear a dinner suit!
Hello, @spectre! Long time no see in this thread!
 I think it depends on the pair of trousers in question. I just had exactly this done to a pair of chinos - 32 fit my waist but was tight everywhere else, 34 was too loose on the waist but fit well elsewhere so I got the 34 and reduced the waist. I thought it looked good - Christian Kimber pinned it for me for the alteration (waist and length) and thought it looked fine as well. I trust his judgement. I picked them up today and might put some fit pictures on the blog this...
Ok, now I can't decide on my favorite award. Thanks, Stitchy!
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