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Thanks, JH. I used a few coats of dark brown and some neutral.
Thanks, Cleav. You set a high standard!
    Thank you kindly, gents!
Carmina oxfords on the Inca last:  
Today:     The shirt is the new/old Rubinacci - EUR20 off ebay () and roomier than I'd like but works well. The tie is an older Henry Carter - very light and nice for the summer.
I'll wear grey later this week but for now:
One of my older Henry Carter ties:     Light and beautiful.
Fair enough, Rob. The Wi-Fi aspect of the A7 is great as well. Definitely makes it easier for social media!
 Yeah, mine's the original RX100 as well. It took a good long while to convince myself to get a bigger camera but it was a good decision, I didn't get the kit lens but started with the 55 f1.8. Truth be told, though, I still use the RX100 a lot. Being able to shoot in manual mode and in RAW is awesome with a camera that small.
  I really like it. At the same time, I used the RX100 for a year and a half so I didn't need to get used to the menu system on the A7. This is my first experience with a powerful camera like this so there's a lot to learn but I have no regrets with getting this one.
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