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Although it's autumn here, the weather is still warm  
 Excellent fit! I really like this one!
 Thanks for that. It makes perfect sense.
 Fair call. I'm not entirely happy with it myself and shouldn't have worn it. That said, I think the right yellow tie can work well. This is what I was going for:
In a yellow tie:  
Mainly Blues   Inspired by the recent Drake's look book. 
 Thanks, man! I don't wear this as often as the short, patchwork version, but it's pretty cool and I'm looking forward to seeing how it fades.
Gerry Nelson In An Outfit Inspired By An Outfit Inspired By Gerry Nelson.     I had the great honour of being the subject of an outfit inspiration article on StyleForum (Many thanks to @Synthese for writing it). Interestingly, aside from the jeans, I don’t actually own any of the pieces in the article so I thought I would take some inspiration from it and see what I could come up with. #meta  Some of you have previously mentioned that you'd like to know my...
 Thanks! Yeah, I got it as well! I'm actually wearing my own navy Bedford for the shoot  
I'm proud to have gotten to model the SS17 drop of Engineered Garments for Up There Store :     The look book is at and I liked the ground pants so much I just got them as part of the recent sale.
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