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 Thank you! I was looking for one of those Drake's kelim-print scarves for a long time and they were always too pricey for me. Earlier this year, I saw this one on sale online somewhere and it was at about half the price and close enough. Really glad I got it.
 Thank you very much. It really depends on what else you're wearing it with. FWIW, I'm wearing a pink OCBD and a navy v-neck jumper under my jacket :) This does not look like an IT nerd: This does:
 Thanks, mate! Much appreciated! Thank you! The shoes are Carmina dark brown suede chukkas and the scarf is a wool/silk Drake's. The jacket is by Baldessari for a local store, Henry Buck's.
Luxe Casual:  
   Yeah, my one and only. The model number is 16613 - it's the old two tone sub with the blue face before they came along with the ceramic bezel. 
 Yes, and Cairo sounds awesome! I'd love to visit one day.  Thanks :) I love it!  I agree. They are pretty pricey. This one's made for The Armoury and I picked it up when @SpooPoker put it up on eBay. Drake's also do something similar but it's cashmere and you'd need to mortgage your house to get one :) They all seem to be made around Scotland so you're probably closer to them than most of us.  Me too!
 It's ok. They're second foot shoes 
Comfort clothes:  
Nice stuff, @Isolation ! Where's that jacket from?
 Ha! I got them awhile back but today was the first time I wore them. You're right, they are pretty wearable and I will be wearing them a lot more than I expected.
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