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 Thanks so much!
 The colours are great and I really like the fit of the jacket. I'm not a fan of ticket pockets for myself but it all works well here.
Back in a suit and in grey, olive and orange:     (Boglioli suit, Borrelli shirt, Giorgio Raedelli tie, Drake's square, Edward Green shoes)
 Thank you! It's made by Baldassari for a local store - Henry Buck's. The trousers are made by Boglioli.
 Thanks, man! I can't get over how nice that Lupo polo collar is. So happy to have gotten these boots. Looking forward to seeing you in yours!
Eidos Lupo polo and my new Christian Kimber x Eidos field boots in action:  
 Thanks, man! I really loved them ever since I first saw them. I'm looking forward to see how else I can wear them.
 The suit was made by Patrick Johnson. The fabric is donegal tweed from Caccioppoli which originated from Ariston. It's a very light fabric as far as tweeds go.
 Thanks! It's the Eidos Napoli Lupo long sleeve polo.
 Thank you so much! That blue suede is a nice difference to the snuff or chocolate brown suede A-1s that people seem to have. Those are really nice as well but I like how this stands out.
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