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 Sprezzacollar, my friend.
 Gino's the one on the extreme right - four days of wear and not a single crease. I hope an apology will now be forthcoming.  
Every time I wear the EG Field Parka, I feel really glad I got it:  
Standing in Sapporo:  
Autumn in Hokkaido:  
 Thanks, man! Sometimes they turn out good :)Thank you! I haven't used it on anything other than shoes yet.  Thanks for the kind words and welcome. The picture looks fine to me. Looking forward to seeing your future fits.
Autumn Feels Like Spring:  
  EG Field Parka
Bumming around in Tokyo:  
 Thanks! There are definitely some things that don't appeal to me but I wouldn't call them misses. It's a pretty solid brand.
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