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Hi there, I PM'd you about the jacket. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Gerry
 Henry Buck's does but you'd want to get them during the sales. Pretty pricey otherwise.
 Thanks. I'd wanted a flannel suit for ages before I found this. I bought it in the heat of summer in anticipation of winter :) It's funny you say that about the shoes - it was a choice between the cap toes and a pair of brogues - today, the cap toes won but it might be a different story next time.  Thanks! They're made by Carmina on the Inca last and are actually dark brown but I didn't colour correct the photo properly. I'll see if I can when I get home today. The shoe...
Speaking of winter   [[SPOILER]]
 I agree with what you're saying. This was an OTR suit (Boglioli) with working buttonholes so the only way to get the sleeves shortened would be to take them in at the shoulders which is not a small job. I will at some point though.
The banks have an equivalent. The CBA has a travel card that you can load up with a number of different currencies as well. It worked well on my trip to Sri Lanka last year.
 Thanks! They're Carmina on the Soller last from Skoaktiebolaget.  Thanks, @EliodA ! It really was unintentional but that's a really cool point!
Well done, gents! Looking forward to the next one!
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