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Inspired by @EFV  
What do you perform?
 Ha! That's the other one I was going to suggest but left out!
 This is saying that you're choosing all the outfits for the groomsmen.    They read what you wrote but it seems as if you didn't. If you had said in your first post, that you were being told what to wear, the answers you got might have been different. For a start, you can't wear a pocket square without a jacket so drop that off the list. You have to wear that shirt, grey trousers and something yellow or orange. The shirt is very strong so you need to dial it back...
 So ... I entered this shot in the fortnightly How Are You Wearing Our Wares contest and won () a SGD50 voucher towards more Vanda goodies. I've just put my order in and will post pics when it arrives. Take a pic of yourself in Vanda and send it to haywow@vandafineclothing.com to participate.
 So it's going to be THAT kind of club, is it?
  I like that!!!
 Bah! You just don't understand streetwear, dude!   Seriously though, fair enough. Those trousers will have to be worn some other way - maybe even tapered to wear with a sportscoat.
Nah, PoP, they're C&J Chiltern boots.
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