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The poll is up for the Friday Challenge so cast your votes 
 I know - it's so 'next level'!
 Congratulations! They look fantastic!
@ScottMC- brilliant!   (Extra points if you grew the facial hair in anticipation of the challenge )
He's got my vote!
  Thanks - yeah, I know plus there's a number of different shades - sand, mushroom, snuff, tobacco, polo, chocolate and I'm sure I've missed a few in there as well!
Casual Friday:  [[SPOILER]]
AS Exclusive for NWMA Cambridge Snuff Suede derby boots:       They arrived yesterday and make me smile when I look at them.
I'm not sure that everyone's getting the rules:So what you need to do to enter is:1) Post your picture2) Post the picture of who or what inspired you3) Write a sentence or two about how the inspiration translated into the outfitGood luck
New Posts  All Forums: