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 All the posts above mine are on the first page, as far as I can see. Change your user preferences to show more posts per page.
 Maybe even this:
Thanks! My other Lupo is white so good choice! Thank you very much!
It doesn't matter who the first poster in the new thread is as long as we continue in the same spirit as this thread.
Grey-um Green:     (Boglioli, Borrelli, Christian Kimber, Panta NYC, Crockett and Jones)
 Thanks! Yes, the jacket is Cuccinelli. It's great for summer.
Well done to you both and thanks for all the votes!   Looking forward to seeing what challenge you come up with.
 Me too. Great fit.
 I was born in the year of the monkey as well. It's a great series! How will you celebrate your 36th year?  I'm not sure what that means but I like it!  You're very welcome.
 Yes and no  Yes in the sense that I know it's there but don't do anything about it. No, because it's not my preference - shortening the sleeve at the button would leave too little fabric and I haven't found a tailor that I would trust to shorten the sleeve at the armhole and still maintain the shoulders. It's the same with my other Boglioli jackets and suits.
New Posts  All Forums: