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Hope everyone has a safe and happy time.       Also:   Photographers are more skillful than artists.  
 What he said! I hope the coming year is your best one yet.
Fxh, may I say you're one of the most dapper and distinguished men I know. Very GQ http://www.unrefinery.com/article/menswear-compliments-to-avoid
 If you're wondering why, Charly, then take a look below. People are only PM'ing you because they're not getting a response from the gmail address and you seem like someone that could help.  These are only the two most recent examples:  
^^^^^ Paging @fxh and @thebrownman 
 Too busy taking photographs 
Hi Fiona,   Welcome to the group and I look forward to see you taking part and perhaps coming to one of our meet ups at some point.   A couple of questions:   What fabric books do you currently carry? Do you do CMT?   Welcome again, Gerry
  For those unfamiliar with Festivus:
Sorry, all, this has been sold.
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