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Not yet - submissions close in three and a half hours.
It's funny how the distance makes your jacket look completely different. Great jacket and tie!
My favourite pair of black shoes - Carmina two-eyelet derbies (bluchers) on the Rain last:  
 Today - inspired by GC, James Bond and with Oli in mind: 
Monochromatic today:     I don't often wear black shoes but when I do, it's usually this pair.
You can't improve on per-foo-ction.
I think that would be really cool. Nice to have a tie that can be purchased but the idea of prizes is how this discussion got started in the first place.
 Are there any pictures of OH shirt jackets about anywhere?
 For a start, the Carmina Paris store - http://www.carminashoemaker.com/web/shops_par.php?lang=eng
 Not only that - the first pic has a Henry Carter scarf and the third has a Henry Carter shirt 
New Posts  All Forums: