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 What would Harvey know about wholecuts?
Winter is coming and along with it, the flannel!     (Boglioli suit, @Henry Carter shirt and tie, @Kent Wang square, Carmina boots)
 I've bought from him before and he's a great, friendly guy. I'd highly recommend him as a seller.
@akclothpooper Thanks for your feedback! I find the Orslows to be softer than the 3Sixteens from the first wear and I really like the cut as well, so much so that I got the two year wash and white denim in the same cut (107 Ivy).
  Field jacket and field boots   (Ring jacket field jacket, John Smedley jumper, Kamakura shirt, Orslow jeans, Massimo Dutti belt, Christian Kimber x Eidos Napoli boots)
 I know what you mean. Next time, I'll be wearing it with dark brown boots.
Cooler weather gear:     Cardigan from The Armoury, Shirt from Bleu De Paname, Howard Yount trousers, Carmina boots.
 Thanks so much!
 The colours are great and I really like the fit of the jacket. I'm not a fan of ticket pockets for myself but it all works well here.
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