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Excellent! @claghorn, where is that jacket from? I'm on the hunt for a dark brown cord jacket right now.
Seems like jackets aren't the only things being delayed. I asked for a refund on 30 October and there is still no word on it.   Maybe he's tried sending it via a package to the wrong address?    
Burgundy and Blue:  
What did you get?
 The same thing applies to certain items of clothing as well - it's all about the context in which it's presented.
Thanks, @EliodA  - the sleeves could be a little shorter but I'm ok with them for now. I would wear those shoes every day if I could 
@Anden , I hope you like these laces better   
   Sorry, man, I couldn't wait. I saw one come up for sale and had to have it! 
I don't have a gun check jacket yet but am very keenly looking for one in beige with a blue overcheck like the one owned by @Anden above.
Not quite Ivy - I'll call this Try-vy:     Tie by Conrad Wu, Handkerchief by Kent Wang   I'm in the Wu Wang Clan.
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