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 Absolutely right. I'm glad I don't have any such problems while I'm on holiday in Japan. On another note, we went to visit the beautiful and peaceful Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto today and I took a shot for you guys that will give you an idea of the Zen-like atmosphere:   [[SPOILER]]
 I know some Singaporeans and Malaysians who have the same reaction to the lack of noise. Over there, you can't escape it and it can be unnerving to be in such a quiet place when you've become used to quite the opposite.
Thanks for the kind words. That's a great outfit and I'm going to be getting inspiration from that when the weather turns colder in Melbourne.
  Wish I could, man. I'm in Japan till the end of the month and didn't bring it with me. If I were back in Melbourne, it would be too hot to wear it.
Thanks and same to you too! I'm not going to be posting all that much because I'm starting to repeat myself or I might do just for the great backdrops over here :)
Olive and Blue:  
  Thanks, man! What can I say? I really love outerwear. Those fits look great and I will me stealing a few of those ideas for when it gets colder in Melbourne! @Coxsackie Sorry, man. I'm not much of a skier at all. Ramen Alley has been keeping me busy as has the Farm Design's cheesecake at the Sapporo Station 
 Sprezzacollar, my friend.
 Gino's the one on the extreme right - four days of wear and not a single crease. I hope an apology will now be forthcoming.  
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