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Thanks, JH. They're not made by Dents. I got them through a friend here in Melbourne and I'll put more information up once I get the details from him.
Yesterday's get up featuring new peccary gloves:
Phew! I've signed up for the notification when it's back in stock so I'll be sure to get it then.
Hoping for another restock of the regimental grenadine. Any plans for that, Conrad?
 I thought you were a fan of the RM Williams Kingsvale chukka in kangaroo leather.
All good, thanks Jeff. I just got a reply from Alan.
Hi Jeff Thanks for that. I'll let you know. I'm hoping to order it in the next couple of days to get a few months of wear over here this year before the weather warms up too much.
He did two little boys back in the day.
Hi Jeff, Thanks for the reply. That explains it. I wanted to get a Ring Jacket A-1 and needed to know sizing information as well as shipping cost to Melbourne, Australia. I wear a 38R suit so I'm assuming it should be L for a regular fit. Is that right?
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