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Brendon, you are a funny man.
 A grave situation nonetheless.
 Yes that was us! It would have been nice to catch up but weird trying to introduce ourselves to everyone else! Are you going to the Melbourne Open House tomorrow?
It wasn't me but I was there today.Coincidentally, I just came from the NGV and also wearing RMWs and jawnz. No overcoat, hat or blonde companion though.
I'd personally prefer to get a vintage Omega dress watch in that price range.
 I'll have to give that combo a try. I'm finding it difficult to work out what wear with a tan harrington.
Buy secondhand and if they ask you whether those shoes/jackets/suits/trousers are new, you can truthfully say they're not 😉
😃. I got a Sony A7 together with a 55mm f1.8 prime lens and a 24-70mm f2.8 zoom. The setup is a great complement to my RX100.Images are bokehlicious 😉
Nothing after buying a full frame camera and a couple of lenses a month ago.Then again, there's nothing that I seriously want at this point so I haven't been looking.Next purchase might be a Barbour Chelsea in navy if I can find one at the right price.
New Posts  All Forums: