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What EFV said! Glad you like it  
So you're getting Chelsea boots?
  I agree with Oli and it's funny you mention that - I just put up a blog post on that very subject: http://gezzasmenswear.tumblr.com/post/95505586147/the-capsule-wardrobe-a-k-a-theyre-just-clothes Jeans: Suit: Get a pair. You won't regret it.
Things go wrong for everyone. All I would like to know is what is being done to address the issues and what our expectations should be.
Some proof that I also own ties not from Henry Carter. Wearing a tried and true combination today:  
A monochromatic day:  
 @in stitches has taken over his account  
Thanks! Yes, I don't recall seeing a mid grey in my size.Thanks! The cushion was pure coincidence
The Brotherhood of St Sartoria.
Fava bands and a nice Chianti.
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