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 Don't know why, man. It's a four in hand with a knit tie.
What I wore today for a short while:     Green donegal fabric from Caccioppoli (part of a suit).
 You went with Suit Shop? Sounds like one of their trunk shows 
Did you tell them they made a mis-steak?
What do you mean by edible? I usually have it 'blue'.
That is true. Some of them might even post fits a bum WOULD wear
I agree. It doesn't matter to me whether they've posted fits or not but the way the critique is framed and delivered counts more to me.It's hard to see the good advice if it's hidden behind a wall of snark.For example, I don't think I've seen a single fit from Ed Morel but I would take his advice seriously.
Yeah, it was the one where you said that thing about that guy. You know the one I mean.
RTC, I'm digging those burgundy trousers. Who are they made by?
I pulled out the pocket square for the close up shots and didn't have time to re-do the full shot.  
New Posts  All Forums: