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Varsity Daze:  
Moar is a menswear roar - it's how the CM guys greet each other.Kopped is when you look so steezy, you should be arrested.A threak is someone who dresses well in both CM and SW&D, e.g. Man, Stitchy got 100 likes in his last WAYRN posts in CM AND SWD! Whatta threak!!!Hope this helps.
This is one of the ultra light down vests from Uniqlo and pretty inexpensive so get a few colors Thank you! They are RM Williams Chelsea boots and I wanted to make then a little different. Not everyone like a shine like that on casual boots like these but after having them with and without, I prefer the shine.
Casual Friday:  
I like dressing up. I like polishing shoes. I’m probably a little obsessive-compulsive but I don't think it's over the top. Most of what I wear is inspired by the pictures I've seen on tumblr that have resonated with me. I love menswear, I’m Gerry and this is my gallery.     For Your Consideration.
Thank you! It's nice to be back.
Grey with a bit of colour:  
 Does it make you Liszt-less?
Thanks very much, @in stitches!
 Thanks, @NOBD! The coat is a duffle from Uniqlo - much lighter than a Gloverall. The boots are the Ralph Lauren Lindrick by C&J.
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