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 Thanks! It's a linen shirt by some Italian brand called Andrews and cotton trousers by Boglioli.
I'm on holiday right now and this is the only one I have :) #keepingthethreadalive  
Thanks. You mean worn over?
Field jacket time again - this time in linen-silk:  
Hi, Is this still for sale?
 True dat! 
 Thanks, @Pliny! OH certainly does CMT. I'm not sure how I would describe their cut but for this suit, I asked them to soften the shape of a traditional DB suit since it can be quite an agressive look. They made the shoulders with minimal structure as a result and since my chest is fairly prominent as well, the jacket is less full. I'm not sure that it answers your question but @Spandexter has a suit from OH as well and he might be in a better position to answer your...
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/469001/how-to-take-a-good-outfit-selfie/0_30   Thank you! That's high praise!  Thanks! Yes, it's from Oscar Hunt.
Hi there, I PM'd you about the jacket. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Gerry
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