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I'd personally prefer to get a vintage Omega dress watch in that price range.
 I'll have to give that combo a try. I'm finding it difficult to work out what wear with a tan harrington.
Buy secondhand and if they ask you whether those shoes/jackets/suits/trousers are new, you can truthfully say they're not 😉
😃. I got a Sony A7 together with a 55mm f1.8 prime lens and a 24-70mm f2.8 zoom. The setup is a great complement to my RX100.Images are bokehlicious 😉
Nothing after buying a full frame camera and a couple of lenses a month ago.Then again, there's nothing that I seriously want at this point so I haven't been looking.Next purchase might be a Barbour Chelsea in navy if I can find one at the right price.
  Both are brown brogues but only the lacing is different: 
Not Klose at all.
 One of these? 
Only if you're getting married in the morning.
 Have you got any pictures of your past results?
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