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Very cute! Congrats, man!
It ends later today. In the next few hours.
Indeed! He's been doing a stellar job.
Betelgeuse is going to take this one!
 Even if you don't go outdoors and take the pic, why don't you take a full outfit pic indoors? How much more effort is it going to be to put the jacket on?
 Earlier today, they were neck and neck and then EFV went ahead by a few votes. I can't wait to see how this race ends. Over to you in the newsroom, Bob.
The poll is up for the Friday Challenge!   You can cast your vote at http://www.styleforum.net/t/417995/friday-challenge-12th-september-2014-the-green-jacket-challenge/0_30#post_7362457
The poll is up!
 @Hirsh, I'm curious - why don't you post a picture with you wearing this stuff? It makes for a far more interesting photo. Get someone else to take it. You consistently post pictures of yourself in an untucked dress shirt worn over jeans. Every time. You could swap out this photo for any number of past fit pics you've posted without anyone noticing. What you've just posted could be a great looking fit. Unfortunately, the way you've done it gives nobody a chance to see...
 No disrespect to the other participants but this is my favourite photo in the contest. I think that smile is a secret weapon 
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