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 That's over the $100 budget, though - USD99.
 Here's an interview that may or may not shed more light on him: http://www.wristtimes.com/blog-1/2014/6/4/wrist-time-profile-archie-luxury-the-beast-of-brisbane
 I hope he appreciates the significance of your gift.
Saturday Gear  
 Thanks, but I'm only cool by association. 
Apetures in action:  
  EG jacket, pants and shirt, Sugarcane vest, boro scarf, hand-dyed cotton pocket square, Christian Kimber sneakers
Sorry for wearing this two days in a row but I couldn't resist! Now, with the fatigue pants:       EG Bedford, fatigue pants, 19th Century BD shirt, Sugarcane vest, Christian Kimber sneakers.
    FW16 11W Khaki Cord Bedford
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