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Airforce (or RAF) blue would be my recommendation for another suit if you want to stay with solids.
Thank ye, me old land lubber matey.
 Strange to describe a suit as "SC and pantaloons" though.
 The inca is one of Carmina's widest lasts. Alcudia and Simpson are the narrowest. For reference: http://www.carminashoemaker.com/about-last
 I thought they stole MJ Bale's idea  Actually, DM were already talking about this tie six months ago at the last Pitti. I remember that when we were bouncing around ideas for the first AM tie with Jason, @appolyon proposed the flag but not many people (myself included) wanted to go down that path.
No Guido in the poll?
Well, this Nigerian prince contacted me ...
Still looking for the right white jeans but these will have to do in the meantime:  
Layers on a cold day:  
I thought that was a purely American thing from the 50s. Is it well known here?
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