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From the side...these boots are actually more beat up in person if you can believe it. 
  I know this is probably you first big shoe purchase after reading this thread and seeing people's anally maintained boots. Just don't worry about, these are shoes and shoes are meant to be worn. Alden makes their shoes tough so they can take a beating, they are not piece of art meant to be brushed and pampered. Here are my Indys after 3 continents, 2 monsoon seasons, 4 heels and 3 years.  Just enjoy your shoes!
Yes they are. Goodyear welt just like all of Alden's other shoes. 
These are Alden Pitt Boots in brown chromexel exclusive for Leathersoul in 9D, they are on the Barrie Last. They have a double oiled waterlock leather sole with a vintage goodyear heel.  Worn about 10 times in an office so they are still in excellent condition. They are a little small on me. Asking 325 shipped CONUS. You can check out the details here:        
BUMP. Lowered to 85 shipped conus!
Brand new shell Codovan looks amazing. It looks so smooth and perfect, it'd be nice if it stayed this way forever! Anyways, not really feeling the soles on these shoes, but may be necessary for wet weather. I'd love to get something like this on my Pitt boots though.    
I just tried on some Mountain Lights at a Levi's store of all places and I would recommend people to go with their true size. I wear a 10.5 or 11 in Nike's and my true measured size is 10.5. I tried on a 10 and it fits ok with a medium thickness sock. So I would go with that size if I used the shoes for walking around town. However, there are much better looking boots for casual wear, these boots make you look like a mammoth. I would most definitely hike in these boots,...
I would just keep it short if I were you to be honest. Your wider skull shape and receding hairline would look odd with longer hair  
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