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I use this, because it was like $12 and does the job. If there is a $400 diamond-encrusted designer nose trimmer, well, I'm sure someone will recommend it on this forum.
Only about 6 miles to and from campus a few times today, but I'll be making this trip if weather permits this weekend:
I am finishing the evening with a cup of Sencha Overture from Adagio which has some wonderful grassy tones over a traditional green tea. Without sugar, but a teaspoon of cloven honey. Liquor is a horrible vice that I do not indulge in.
Bigger than I'd expect from a Japanese brand
Gardening is one of those things that I'd very much like to pursue but unfortunately I have other hobbies that distract me instead. I'm thinking about growing some spices on the balcony of my apartment, though... Seems like a painless way to get into it.
Leon Trotsky.
I've been searching around extensively and I was wondering if I could get the input from the fine patrons in this forum. I know this has been done to death. I'm looking for a waxed cotton bag. My first thought was the Filson original briefcase, but I'm not very happy with the color selection, and feel that while it might be a nice bag for class (giving off that yuppie vibe) it might not be a great bag to have out on the mean streets. I was referred to the Archival...
Hello I'm byte which is a unit of information equivalent to eight bits. I'm a lot of things, but most relevant to this forum I am interesting in fashion and style... As an artsy type I find I have a pretty good handle on being able to eye aesthetics and what looks good without being able to identify any technical detail about my reasoning, so I guess I'm here to learn. 19, in college for electrical engineering, past times include drugs and the clarinet.
The fits of their shirts vary pretty wildly...
I agree. If I saw someone on the street in that outfit, I wouldn't assume he had put any effort into his dress at all--and that, in parallel with it not looking all that great, means I'd probably put it down to laziness and not some impeccably subtle fashion sense. I think getting rid of the jewelry would be an improvement, unless he's on his way to the frat rave.
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