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Refer to Size is Small / 36. It's a fine coat but runs a little long on me (5' 9"). Would make for a great winter piece for someone taller. Message/comment with more questions. Thanks.
Up for sale is an essentially new chore coat. Bought it, tried it on, forgot about it, and I don't like it anymore. It's a fine coat from a respectable brand. Apolis measurements: SLEEVE LENGTH CB 33 BODY LENGTH 25.5 SWEEP 18.5 CHEST 19 Smoke free home, never washed or worn, all that jazz.
Thanks but that's not what I'm looking for. Here is another example:|CallType=Product&season=actual&gender=men&seasProdID=56I&prodId=L7R3&des=GGJ&cat=&group=clothing
I bought an Everlane shirt a while back and was impressed with the cut but lately I notice it's almost see-through. I guess I did something wrong when laundering it, but it's disappointing regardless.
Hello Styleforum, I don't know how this topic might be received but I'm on a mission to try to find a semi-affordable, modern-looking skirt-pant, which is exactly what it sounds like. Since it's fairly experimental the only brands I've seen to produce these pieces are pretty high end. Here are some examples: Rick Owens DRKSHDW skirt trouser is modern, minimal, but expensive as much of Rick Owens are. I found it at L'Eclaireur, all sold out. Facetasm has a...
Yeah okay but to wear them I need to shorten them. Should I just get them shortened and not bother washing them before or after?
5' 8", but I compared with my shortened Levis and they're about 8" longer. I figure if I want to cuff them I'll probably hem around 6-7"
Just bought some raw denim, Uniqlo MIJ slim fit jeans. So far I really can't get into fades. I subscribe to Rawr Denim and every Friday some "sick fades" get tossed into my feed and I think I prefer a cleaner, more uniform look for my denim. Anyway, the jeans are maybe 8" longer than I'm used to wearing, so I definitely need to get them hemmed. What I'm thinking is to do a (cold? warm?) wash in a washing machine with Woolite and then hang dry. I'm hoping this will remove...
The only fluid I drink is water. Spending all your money on clothing can do that to you.
Woke up this morning to find some mild acne on my chin and it's got me rethinking what I should be doing with my face. I've been looking around to see what people have to say on this subject, but some places are pretty vague and I'm unsure on how to work this out with shaving regularly. At the moment, all I do in the morning is shower, wetshave with a DE safety razor, apply an alum block or witch hazel, and finish with a facial lotion that is a combination of aftershave...
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