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what chair is this? is it a breuer cesca chair or is it the panton mentioned above? i don't like the rattan part of the breuer but i like their form..    
too muammar gaddafi/ kim jong il for me..
i am amazed at the transformation nonetheless. i don't think he looked like a superman when he was announced to play the role.   LOL@ SF superman suit critique..
^yeah 5 sounds good.   me i'm 3-5 weeks.
is the bertoia more of a patio/ outside chair or something? it fits my fat ass well.  
why? it's something i don't know much about but would fit a place i hafta keep and maintain.   kept it vague coz i didn't want to limit the input..
i have a pepper ball..
items, brands, furniture, fixtures, pics whatever.
you can name specific dishes but i'm more interested in the overall..
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