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beautiful Eton shirt
This garment is not for you. You need more room in the blades and in the late mid back. Also, your shoulders are too large for that size. That's why it pulls on both top shoulders and causes the indentation. I wish you came to my store before going to this poorly made brand.. Good luck Tim
Dear Friend,    It appears as if you need a light pad on your left shoulder.   You also have a drop right shoulder which is why you have the ripples on your lower right side. This alteration may be costly but it is necessary for you. The tailor may want to take apart the garment at the right shoulder seam and bring up the material from the shoulder.   Your left sleeve-head does appear to have too much fabric which the tailor can easily take off the arm and...
Hi everyone,    I have a haberdashery in Florida. I offer Brioni, Ravazzolo, Pal Zileri, Canali, Carouso, Sand, Zanella, Hiltl, Garduer, Eton Shirts, Marol shirts, George Roth, Robert Graham, Haupt, Van Laack, Jake Agave, Dalmine, Gran Sasso,Torras,  Mezlan, Bacco Bucci, Donald Pliner, Italio Feretti Ties, Pincaldi Sets   If you are in need of something please email me at     Here is a new Brioni Silk that I just got...
Hi guys,  My name is Tim and I Manage a men's haberdashery in Boca Raton, Fl. Glad to see tailored clothing lovers like myself!!   Ciao,    Tim     
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