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I can't see why Team GB (awful name) didn't use Jimmy Savile as their inspiration - national figure, sporting pedigree and shares his name with somewhere known for excellent clothing.     It's bound to be better than whatever bland high street rubbish they'll actually end up with.
Some of that Peanuts music is amazing.   I'm a big fan of Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk and earlier Miles Davis, as mentioned by previous posters. I also love Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Smith and Stanley Turrentine. They produced some great albums in their own right and some great stuff together. Well worth checking out.
It would be absolutely fine.   If you want to look like you buy your clothes from All Saints and wear a massively oversized beanie hat and a scoop necked t-shirt.
I'm ashamed for my profession. The only one with any class is Bunk. Now there's a man who knows about tailoring.
A Jaguar E-Type and a length of rope?
Agreed, but I don't think I'll ever like tassels. Too fussy for me. Penny loafers on the other hand, I love the look of.
I will. I've heard he's awesome!
Yeah, you don't see them that much in the UK. There's a lot of American clothing I love, but tasselled loafers? To me, they look very feminine. I guess I could add opera pumps to that list too.
What's pissing me off? How about my mate who discovered blues music about five minutes ago recommending me (who's listened to it for all of my adult life) albums as if he's some sort of fucking expert.
Tightrope walking with a harness? Where's the danger? No danger = no excitement as far as I'm concerned. If you want to see something really exciting/dangerous there's plenty of freeclimbing videos about. Some of those guys are insane.
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