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Agreed. And would look on point with some grays as well.
 Wondering this exact thing about that fabric and the Stony Beach Donegal. Also @Epaulet are the Peat's Sake, Lyle Lovat, and Honey Nut heavy fabrics flannels or tweeds? The picture says one thing and the dropdown says another.
 Purpleish pants are the best. You can wear them with nearly everything.  You could wear pretty much all of those with dressier stuff! Really burly flannels/tweeds are going to be less natural with a superfine wool SC but with pretty much everything else you will be A-OK. I wear crazy flannels/tweeds with hopsack wools all the time. And my personal preference is always for tweeds. Flannels feel fantastic but tweeds usually have more mottling in the sunlight, which is what...
 You sound like a Medium. I am personally a big fan of spread/point collars with floral print shirts but the Individualized button-down collar works with everything.
 No love for the Navy Donegal? That electric blue fleck is hot fire. Also I have a suspicion that the sleeper hit of the entire batch is actually a Bronze Herringbone Flannel suit.
  I also wore my Ironwood Donegals yesterday. Some serious SF/EP mind meld. Was wearing four pieces of tweed: Ironwood donegal Walts + Harris Tweed SC + navy Vanda donegal tie + ToJ tweed topcoat. (Sorry, no pics -- hectic work day!) On the denim discussion, I'd actually really like to know if suede shampoo would get denim bleed out of snuff suede, in case that ever befalls me. My EP x Carmina snuff suede chukkas need to do double duty as dress shoes and I'd rather keep...
 lol Mike just take all of my money That sounds amazing. Would love to see when it comes in. Also to the raw denimz guys: I have some indigo weft/indigo warp jeans that have been fine, as far as dye transfer goes, as long as I've soaked them one in cold water with a little detergent beforehand. I've worn these particular jeans with Carmina x EP snuff suede chukkas, and there's been no dye transfer to the suede. So you should be OK. If you don't soak your jeans beforehand,...
  No lining. It's meant for layering, I'd say. The moleskin is reasonably warm, a moderate weight. (I don't know Barbour, so I can't make the comparison.) Last night it was in the 40s and I wore the field jacket out with a light sweater and was very comfortable -- could have gone without, probably, but if there's ever the opportunity to wear a sweater, I tend to take it.
 They look great. I'd just wear them exactly as you'd wear any charcoal gray pant (assuming that's the color?), taking care to avoid glen plaid. You've already got the idea! When you're wearing patterned pants, just go about your business as you normally would and wear what you'd normally wear if they were a solid pair of pants in the ground color. In the Season 3 finale of Mad Men, Don Draper wears a way louder pair of glen plaid trousers and then a navy v-neck sweater...
In non-sneaker, non-trunk show news, the field jacket and tweed overshirt are incredible and the proof is in these really great photos I took just now:       Field Jacket, Loden Moleskin Tweed Overshirt, Charcoal Ashland dual-striped oxford from 2010ish Ring-Ring Wilshires Alden 403s from EP (unseen)
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