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Just got my shantungs and... whoa. They're amazing. And that Peacocks and Peonies square! Gerald and Diana have killed it this summer.
 @fairlynerdy Agreed. I have a lot of flannel and tweed pants, and can tell you that I find the tweeds much more versatile. In addition to wearing with a SC and tie (or no tie), I'm much more apt to wear tweed trousers with casual shoes and a sweater than flannel trousers.
 Same. I ordered so fast I got admonished for potentially missing the discount. Hopefully we'll be fine!
 I got mine a few weeks ago. The paper side tag also said 100% linen, but I checked with the guys in store and it's just a misprint. It's definitely cotton-linen, especially apparent when compared to other Hertling cotton-linen trousers and when you give it a wrinkle test. The Steamed Milk are incredible. I've been wearing them as often as I can get away with.
Are there "in the wild" pics of both corduroy tweeds out there? Mike posted one a while back of the steel gray but he said there was a filter on it so the colors were altered. Anyone?
  I'm getting a Walt. I think these variegated fabrics benefit from the higher rise and ever so slightly wider leg opening. It's a bigger canvas, metaphorically speaking, on which to display the amazing fabric. Additionally, I think the slim-but-not-super-slim pattern of the Walt is a better match for a medium wale cord than the Driggs. As I recall, the aluminum cotton-cashmere was a narrower wale, which makes more sense for a Driggs. And with the Walt, you can always get...
 Unspoilered for excellence. This is a fantastic fit. Love the thought given to the textures as well as the patterns. What's the fabric and the maker on your SC, if you don't mind sharing? Looks intriguing. Actually looks like flannel on my screen when it isn't zoomed, but can't imagine you'd be wearing flannel in Texas in August.
 Can't tell whether that tweed cord is more khaki or more brown... And truth about the wool cavalry twill. The off-navy #8318 in the video looks fantastic. Love Mike's dog's cameo, too. Mike, isn't your dog's name Cameo to begin with?
 Didn't forget. I just have to be away from the computer for a few hours. But thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: