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Friends, romans, Vanda countrymen:   Does anyone have the navy cashmere? It seems to have some kind of pattern or texture owing to the bicolor weave, but it's tough to make out on the studio shots.   Thanks!
Harris Tweed! It's true. I'm selling this gorgeous Harris Tweed sport coat done in a sandy brown barleycorn weave. It is difficult to overstate how amazing this fabric is. It's a rare Harris Tweed that is substantial, but still moves with you. The cut of the jacket tows the line between modern and traditional -- slim, but not skinny. This is rare to find in tweed SCs, which seem to always be either massive sack jackets, or ultra modern H&M/JCrew types. This is neither, and...
I have a hard time believing I'm selling this, but here it is! Up for sale is a beautiful Epaulet x Southwick sport coat in a plaid wool-cashmere with a double windowpane. This fabric is from one of Southwick's top ranges, and is really of outrageous quality and luxury. It's soft, of course, but not delicate, and the moderate scale of the fabric makes it wearable with both solid and patterned shirts.   This is made with Southwick's natural shoulder, which is about as...
Up for sale is a beautiful tie from Vanda Fine Clothing in an olive-grey woven wool-silk. It's a unique and beautiful fabric woven in England that is appropriate for formal dress but also very easy to dress down. And green, of course, is one of the most versatile tie color tones out there, probably second only to navy.   Best of all, this is brand new! I have never worn it. It's a great tie, but I have way too many ties, and others that are similar to this one. Pick up...
Yeah, I thought a lot of that WSJ piece was really smart, especially this:
EP on trend with the single-pleated trousers:   http://www.wsj.com/articles/pleated-pants-for-men-theyre-back-guys-1444847920   Or does the old dictum apply that if a major newspaper writes about it, it's no longer a trend??
   Always knew TO was represented well on the thread, but wow! Here's hoping for Mets-Jays in the big game. Mike, those new Aldens are awesome.
 Whoa whoa whoa corduroy is the sworn enemy of velvet! http://putthison.com/post/1549708676/an-address-to-the-corduroy-appreciation-club-i https://vimeo.com/26879757  Sharp! More subtle than the off-white taping... Very nice.
 4. The ability to get the Gitman "Sartorial Cutaway (V-CA)" collar, which is by far the best OTR shirt collar I've ever seen.
I've been a loyal customer of Stanton Street Tailor for years, and highly recommend them. They have a well-deserved reputation as one of the best alterations tailors in New York. I'd say their prices are inexpensive for small jobs (hems and so forth) and average for involved work (tapering a jacket, for instance). Every dollar is worth it. They're great.
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